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Into freezing air. I've always wanted to do that painting, snow, etc. Day year, I bought myself, really warm, boots and gloves since I was now outside more often the highlight from that winner was sitting by an outdoor fireplace with Victoria bundled up in blankets reading books and a light snow falling on us. It was so beautiful, and peaceful. And I hope I always keep that memory. What I learned from that year was that. I'm a much happier person. When I go outside each day and that being outside on a cold winter day is quite nice once I made it my decision and had the right clothing and footwear. Oh, that's so lovely, isn't that that image. Yeah. And I think there's a proverb that people say like, there's no bad weather, only, bad clothing. So again, it's like if you're going to do this like step up, your your outfit's. So that you are prepared for this. But I'd love this NDA, and what a beautiful I love the image of this mother and daughter reading by the fireplace in the snow lake to me. Yes. How great is that one? It seems like the real benefit was more time with her daughter. Right. Kind of this adventure of it. Yes. Yes. That is super fund that's super fun. Here's another really fun resolution from Kathleen, she said, I made a really weird resolution last year that I think was super successful. It was go to the movies to be clear. I don't even really like me. But with two toddlers I. Decided if felt like the ultimate luxury of time. I could imagine hours alone in the dark. My husband got me a movie pass for Christmas to show his support. I ended up inviting some girlfriends along after the first or second movie, and now have a super diverse group of women that I go to dinner and a movie with once a month. Best resolution ever a little of that. I love how it evolved to like. I it was just you know, one thing, and then it gets kind of gathered steam, it's so it's fantastic. Yes. That's great. Kathleen, Barbara rights. I don't remember how many years ago I made the resolution that has stuck with me ever since an added to my happiness. The resolution was to proof read what I read before sending it. It was such a simple idea and has made a huge difference in my life. Well, I thought of you when I read this resolution because this is something that you constantly reminding people to do which is to proofread. Yes here. And I always talk about that unhappier in Hollywood like, please poof, read your emails, in fact, someone said, what's your, you know, what's advice? Success? And I'm I one of my first pieces of advises proof-read emails, not that I myself often will send an Email with an error that I do try to always prove right because I almost always catch mistake. Yeah. Yeah. Heather writes, my two thousand sixteen years resolution was life changing. I was a chronic snooze earlier. My resolution was to wake up at my first alarm, I didn't actually enjoy hitting the snooze for an hour and a half it wasn't restful. It was stressful. And I would like to either use that time to do things or to sleep. Here's what happened the first two weeks were painful, but I suddenly had time to make breakfast. I went from getting bagels near daily to making eggs and vegetables. I was eating better. Once I got used to this. There was still spare time so I started going to the gym in the morning that became a daily week. They have it working out in the morning. Made me so much happier throughout the workday. I was a better employee for it soon enough I fell into a schedule working out eating well and being prepared for work without rushing out the door..

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