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Obviously that the tried and true when his is digging it out and taking it to either a obviously a landfill or bioremediation land farming facility or something like that but depending on the state there are land farming opportunities in some states you can take stagnated dern put in a sale and turn it until right right because at the end of the day. Oil is organic so the bacteria and things will continue to eat it and it will remediate itself after a while but the other soil there some in situ things. Some people use chemicals that can make santer adages adjective move. You can make the soil to kinda to do that. Same process in situ versus exit. You when you dig it out. A kind of depends on. There is no one-size-fits-all for most oil spills. S was another. Good thing about having a qualified algebra. Roy was probably saying something as close to this. They can think outside the box and really find the best remediation method for your release at that time. I think that's a very good point because one size does not fit all. I think a lot of people make a mistake when they operate off of that from that perspective you know so well. Jt again. I appreciate you coming on the show. Today it's been very interesting will be sure to include your linked in contact information and website in the show notes so anyone listening can contact you directly for even more details and i wanna thank everyone for listening again and again on remind you this. Podcast would not be possible if it were not for our sponsor anderson hauser. Please tell them thank you for sponsoring the show by going to our. Og jian interest in house website which you can find a link to in the show notes and you can register for monthly giveaway also follow us on linked in and twitter and that contact info you can find in the show notes as well. Finally you can find in the show notes mile linked in contact info where you can message me directly. Please let me know what you're enjoying about to show and suggestions for content. You might like to hear also if you would like a direct source to an houser. I can help arrange that. And if you're looking for a speaker for a conference or meeting you can contact me about.

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