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Because it just makes sense Luke from a business point of view. If I was a promoter. I'm gonna wanna keep on the one of the people that that that was that I that that my show was kind of pushing it will kinda pushing the Luke Rocco site with you know, in conjunction with the with the cormier, Derek lewisite. And I'd wanna keep on one of those people that I kind of like combing, and I guess they're gonna just stop one of the other fight fighters that are like closer up in that rank. I guess that's what it was. You know? I'm not too. Sure. You know, if if it's Chris was asked to fight me or something like that. Or you know, or anything like that, you know, I've made it public before that I'm not interested in fighting them, especially, you know, not for, you know, something like that. You know, if you know that that that wasn't the case, I think that it was a situation where they act the jockey camp. And his handlers would they wanna take the opportunity to jump up. And and I think they see that it was probably better for them. Politically wise for like numbers in rankings and stuff like that. I don't think anybody was scared or anything like that. And that just happened. You know, I got a phone call from my management, and we're trying to save me on the card. I explain to them that I worked really hard. And it's been like about a nineteen. We can't you know, I was trained as hard and smart as I possibly could actually got a phone call from Dana. He was actually nice enough to reach out to me and stuff. He explained to me that it's fucked up kid, and, you know, we'll get your fucking fight, you know, and you got gotta do this one, and we'll get your and there was some killers that movie forward. And I was like, okay, I'm gonna do it after do. Yeah. So that we can you know, honor these said, that's it. And for folks, I realized the Wiedeman thing you don't want to do because you guys both have that hens, though affiliation. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Just you know, I know I like the guy you know, what I mean? I don't wanna you know. Put those kind of negative intentions on somebody that I know, you know, you know. You know, it's it's a very difficult situation. It's not something that I'm faced with right now. And it's not something that even wanna get into you know, 'cause it's not it's not birth. It's not it's not real right now, you know. And and I'm glad that we weren't faced with that situation where it was something that is, hey, man. Do you know, which one you boys wants the most, you know? And I'm glad it wasn't a situation. Like that jock. Ray was available to take the fight. That's somebody that I still do want to fight in the future on along with other people that I still I would still like to fight. It's just not something that's on the in the cars right now, we have a very tough opponent in front of me right now, very durable opponent. And he's coming down for a first middleweight debut. And I'm looking to do business with them or we'll get to that in just a second. Let's le- let me well, actually, you know, what let me ask you about him that you bring them up..

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