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Don't necessarily agree that picking aria because it's like surprising is the best logic. But she's also not the worst choice that they could have made you because we're doing a little like a pre show conference. And you mentioned that it's interesting that they went with something that's entirely contained within their show universe. Like Mela, Sandra? In a show. Only prophecy uttered like you're gonna shut Brown eyes and green and blue forever. And then you know, they instead of all the different prince that was promised Princess. It was promised or a high the last year all the different mythologies and prophecies that seems like Martin was setting up to kind of predict who is going to be the last year the prince's promises going to the in the long night along night part two they just decided to stay within their universal. Like, hey, you know, what we was do you think that was like a safety because I like that prophecy was well before season six did you think they created that as? Well, George gets another book or some more bullet points and fits. We can always go at that. But hey, we've got the aria shutting blue eyes forever and our back pocket, and she's a super train supernatural assassin. This is this. This is our this is our get out of jail free card that we're embedding our own universe. No. I mean, I think that I can see the case for that argument. But like, my gut check there is that like they they changed up adrift storm storyline. So they had Gandhari be like the child instead that Melissa nder needed. They stuck meals on during the river lands, and like wrote in a kind of cool scene with her and REO like like Brown eyes. Green eyes blue is just the color that people that people have I think that I think that that was them transcribing her future as a faceless, man. And all the people that she was about to kill because she already had a couple notches on her Kila belt, but she didn't really start diving into that until after the red wedding and in season four. Stats stats ballooned after that season. Yeah. And I think that your yeah. What you said was spot on which is like they. You know to to take their analogy. Like, they looked at the pieces on the board. And they specifically chose those two two scenes that they had invented for the show for aria like the Melander scene. But also that quote from Syria, ferrall is not in the books. He doesn't he never says. There's only one God and his name is death. And there's one thing we say death. Not today. Benny often have talked about that. Also, there's a there's a book that HBO put out in two thousand twelve called inside game of thrones. They really need to mix up what they call these segments. Because it's like inside the episode. The game revealed inside game of thrones. There's this book and Benny off in that he's asked what scenes or dialogue. He was most proud of writing. And he specifically said that cereal for L moment because he thought that that was like a perfect showcase of how collaborative game of thrones was because like George Martin invented REO aria and Serio, but he didn't write that specific scene..

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