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Just picks it up is it back for Petri in the Canadian zone. We are back now to five on five. Still no score scoring the game Canadians. Get a goal wiped out due to an offside challenged by the lightning Riley to center ice pumps it in. That's love ski will leave it for headman by the lightning net. We got six forty five left in the second. Here's strong enough to feed right wing. It is kucherov across the balloon right circle. Who drove into the right corner keeps moving for point by point loses. Ben Ryan Gallagher to center ice Denno across the blue line left circle. He gets checked by Cherniak Chernick Chernick pursues the puck behind the net. And he wins it for Brayden point. Gored off his stick. It's going to be held in band. But he lost it back to point point muscles that out to center ice well done with that. Oh, right on his tail point across the Montreal line to the left circle rate in point cross as kucherov arts circle shot blocked by Ben mcdonagh's center point right circle cooter. I'll deflected off his stick gourd follows up in the right corner. With six minutes left in the second Gort corner coup drop back for Gord right circle. So knuckleball to kucherov right circle kucherov wins it veers high slot left circle feed to stamp goes on the ice shot it over the net. Rebound right point Girardi goes back to kucherov left circle who makes a move left corner. Goo drop et cetera. Feed deflects through the low slot for shy. Couldn't clear Elden. Stamkos right point. No score in the second, right circle. Kucherov back for stamkos left circle. He peddles backup point stamkos centerpoint folds shoot save price. And he holds on. There you go again, given a rough ride in front and guess who it is. Shot again, five twenty eight left in the second. No score. Lightning radio..

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