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In fact, investigators say this whole thing started when a third suspect was arrested here in Hudson New Hampshire when a citizen notice that man repeatedly coming to DC, you ATM and throwing cash that citizen then called Hudson police because he knew something was strange. In the motel room. Police found the duffel bag filled with cash gift cards debit cards of printing device on electronic device determined to be used to activate and utilize bankcards. The two men are being held on a quarter of a million dollars bail each pending their arraignment. It's dubbed the cherish act by its supporters, and it's scheduled for a hearing tomorrow before the legislatures higher education committee. The aim is to increase spending by about five hundred million dollars advocates say would reverse what they view as a pattern of chronic underfunding of state schools. The proposal would require the governor and legislature to fund the colleges and universities at no less than the levels. They received in two thousand and one adjusted for inflation over that period. The legislation has more than one hundred sponsors in the house and Senate. It's twelve thirty eight let's get a check of business news from Bloomberg. And here's Tracy. Charlie. Walmart already sells more TV's than anyone now wants to make the shows you watch on them to Bloomberg reports. Walmart's preparing to release half a dozen on it's voodoo streaming service think family friendly and reboots have old series, Pepsi. Also wants to make something new out of something old. That is teaming up with Nestle and a recycling technology firm to develop plastic bottles made up entirely of recycled plastic Dow's up thirty four points. That's new the NASDAQ is up eighteen the SPF seven and the NASDAQ s NPR going forward new highs..

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