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Step. A separation man covered their plan so if this is a good ball that allows him to catch this stride. There's some chance for some pretty big. Check on that play because there's not a lot of guys on the defense that are kind of closing in able to help and make that tackle right away so but the ball ends up being a little bit low down by his knees and takes him to the ground so he has throws like that and i think the other area that you would notice like accuracy that isn't exactly where you want it and this was something that absolutely showed up with him last year is he does struggle a bit on the move just just for whatever reason is far more comfortable when he can be stationary stationary in the pocket definitely doesn't have that same level of like touching it just tends to leave balls kind of behind or just again like on on the outside edges of the catch radius for for the receivers on the accurate adjacent exactly exactly so i think yeah that was <hes> kind of the most encouraging thing overall though from him compared to third and then and then you saw them both kind of had a play that wasn't so great that kind of stuck cows well. Let's talk about the interceptions for a little bit because i think after the game you look at shanahan's post-game comments and he was pretty explicit. They were both bad interceptions and then it seems like ah on mayo goes pod that listened to today. Maiocco said that he kind of put the c._j. Beathard one a little bit more on jalen hurd and kind of walk that when a little bit back but when you look at their interceptions perceptions i think they are they both had some elements where it was like yeah. I can understand why he threw the ball and also man that sucks that it was a that was an interception because you look at mullins interception option and you've got to laugh in the formation dallas's playing cover three. You've got two of the hook defenders in the middle of the field and one of those hook defenders should really carry that at linebacker the third receiver on the inside all the way up the field and he doesn't and he's able to kind of peel off and get into the area and intercept the ball. If mullins lins holds the ball just a little bit longer and actually throws that tight end he's going to have a pretty begin in front of the safety and that titans not going to be able to recover so not only was it kind of like got. You should've kept the ball a little bit longer and throw it somewhere else but then the decision you do make you kind of can put a penalty on that one right so i think they're they're kind of <hes> an element of of force in like i think you know it's tough to say definitively of course but i think there is an area that he theoretically put that ball right the completion so one it's compounded by the fact that he's getting hit right. He's releasing the ball and so that definitely alters the trajectory. The ball takes any sort of air. Kinda like sends it on a more downward trajectory that goes right to the linebacker so where he would need to put it in order for this avid chance at being successful is kind of more up in a little bit away from where that linebacker that only linebackers dropping to you and so when when the hit comes and it sends that ball down it just take any opportunity that that's going to happen but even if you're just looking at it from a decision like you mentioned. It's still kind of a questionable decision so i i think there was an opportunity for kind of a clear big play within his vision kind of in his i read that he's looking at their if he stays on that for a beat longer in his able to get a better read on the leverage of that linebacker vacher in sees that he's not gonna be in a position to cover this route..

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