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With a six year old guy wants to do is be proud of him self in his Hanes underwear. Don't forget the wonder bread. It adds Genesee note, we both gasped. But then we it makes sense. Yeah. It was so good. So so good other stories posted the Riverdale they last clip of Luke Perry. You know as Archie Anders. Fred giving him some advice posted that little clip. I can see that. And let's see what else do we know that Katherine? I mean, he said that his mental health was put to the test pain Ted Bundy, I believe it in. I believe it. He said, yeah, he said wasn't interested in playing serial killer. Did the European premiere of this extremely reconstructing evil, and vile is the name of it is that the name of it along that is the name. Wicked is the name of it works. Oh, right. Oh, gosh. It's called extremely wreckage shockingly evil. I never I never went back and finish watching that documentary. I thought I would just watch this. But it would be on Netflix here here. All right. We'll probably watch it. Yeah. We probably will. We prob. Also Donnie posted George Clooney and Christopher Abbott in the catch twenty two trailer. I don't know if you ever read that book, the Joseph Heller, there is a movie that there was a there was a movie. I don't know. I always know if you're in a catch to, you know, okay. The dilemma that today in the middle of the show. You were in a catch twenty two -pletely. Explain okay. So here's the deal. Damned if you do damned if you don't come to one hundred percent don't want it to happen. But because our and I'm not happy about it. Yeah. So I I am hosting some people that I I haven't talked to seven years and during very big weekend for me if for my boys, and now I have to have company which pisses me off cash, I'm having a party catch twenty minute catch twenty two and there was no saying, no. So I was I am trying to be the big person. But I. Working. It's really hard. When you're in it. There is no way to get out of it. Catch twenty two the other day with my shoulder. I was very mad of it. And I just decided I'd only be mad at it and myself for a day. That's how I got out of that. Because I was like I can't do anything about that one. That's not a catch twenty two that is not a kid to learn but good for trying to dear show. I was the mad though, I was so mad at myself about it, you know, and I God, I long gonna be mad at myself. I've never been mad at myself for more than a minute more than a day. Most come on. Don't don't be glad our people. I think one of the exciting news tonight at midnight. Burs Springsteen's new album western stars the whole Evan from June fourteenth. But he's dropping a single tonight in one of the things about this is that everybody, I know his new music takes place drying inspiration in part from southern California. Pop records of the late sixties and early seventeen seventies American themes highways isolation community, the permanence of home in hope. But what I really kinda like about it is he said, you know, he likes the southern California pop music the seventies. That was influenced by Glen Campbell shimmy web back Rak those kind of records and he's really gave him inspiration. Right. He was like writing in between like his he was bad way shows Broadway show at home wonder kid became a firefighter out in Staten Island or over took the test. Yeah, I don't know. Well, that's something that we could look up tomorrow Donnie for jet. We'll forget downing don't even bother. Remember, we had we know Jonah's making eyepatches until blows great again for her new album, and you look at Laurie and her I Pat Livia months she's turning on Twitter. Complaining attacked mischaracterize, the lovely joyful. Go fug yourself blog, and people are not having it. But that's why she's turning on Twitter Joe Biden announced his candidacy candidacy for years too late my completely. Yeah. Completely. Let's see what else Amal Clooney in a crisp, Zac, Posen suit New York City that I quite liked. She really is a hanger. She is a hangar from the word go and pink gotta new motorcycle from her husband. He won't give me another baby. So he built me a motorcycle. Oh today to thirty two girl..

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