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So wanting to find a way to really help the homeless adenan leslie converted one of his carpet trucks into a mobile kitchen and they recruited family and friends and headed downtown to the streets of seattle to serve a hot meal to those in need now we have to remember tina this is back in 1990 and the ias of self jones was very limited and so denny also made available the use of his personal cell phone for individuals who wanted to connect with family and really wanted to have help getting off of the streets and becoming a self sufficient again and so over the years that program which still continues today has sent nearly 1500 men women and teenagers and back home and reunited them with their families uh so the phone home program was wonderful and it was the inception of mama's hands but tinian leslie were noticing that they were not seeing mothers with children on the streets they knew they were there but because of safety and security issues they weren't visible and they really wanted to find a way to reach l o and help these families in need and so a 1994 they opened the doors to the house of hope for her there are a oh i've i have been blessed to i spent time with both lesley ann downey and and you know a a story can actually be much longer when you have time to go through that story and i just you know the the idea of the the financial stress that they were going through at the time with five young children and living with appearance and offered any to come home with this uh this idea to you know to give so much back to people when they needed so much to take care of their own family is just an amazing story i'm and i encourage as an a lesser to to go check out the story in detail in the videos i'm on their website how do they get to other website for mama's hands and.

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