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A conversation the Oval Office with the prime minister of Italy and the press was there very much everybody thank President Mr. President if there is no. Collusion No pollution why does Giuliani President this president do you? Think. Other. Do you think There should. Not allow children to? Stay with it That's what takes get Jim Acosta out the, door man, is that that's certainly does not sound you know civil Then yeah Jimmy cost been yelled at before, and people get upset. When there've been Trump rallies in, Jim Acosta's getting yelled. At getting treated poorly and he he tweeted out yesterday there. Was a rally in Tampa just a SABs sample the sad scene. We faced at the Trump rally in Tampa. I'm very worried that the hostility whipped. Up by Trump and summoned conservative media will, result in somebody getting hurt we, should not treat our fellow Americans this. Way the press is not the enemy this whole press the enemy thing and here's a Kosta adding to it Larry O'Connor writes the Washington Times what Mr. Kosta doesn't. Understand is that the anger? And hostility and loathing he sees on the. Faces of Trump's supporters in his video what's he has up on Twitter. Is a reflection of the same hostility they see. On the faces of anchors reporters and analysts, on his, network I I am I'm a friend of Larry O'Connor fan of Larry O'Connor He's wrong, in this. Case I reject the idea that Jim Acosta doesn't understand What, I believe is that Jim Acosta more than understands That with the anger that people have towards him is based on what it. Is that his network and other like minded networks do What Mr. Kosta believes Jim Acosta believes is that he has the right to be this way and they are uneducated buffoons for not listening to him Like far too many in the media apparatchik today Jim Acosta believes that he alone can save America from this presidency that he alone knows better and that if only the American people would listen to him And allow him to question the president the way the president needs to be questioned then and only then would things get better It is the delusion of all elitists and the delusion of elitism knows nothing about economics It's not about whether you're rich or poor the elitist. Believes that they know best the elitist believes that they don't have to, listen, to you you only should listen to them and when you don't listen to them well then that's only proves how wrong you are and how little you now It's not that Mr. Kosta doesn't understand the anger hostility against him It's that he thinks that it. Would just be better. If they would learn to listen to him It's a.

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