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In doing not doubt this is all measurement major mccain's probably been see giving about them from the day of happened and they came is probably been eager for trump to lose since that happened so if they want to make the stuff personal it's understandable that mckinnon wouldn't try to block trump in certain areas cumbersome being one of the when it comes to sessions joe mansion democrat west virginia has announced is going to vote for sessions so i don't know they'd be republican defections on sessions but there might be young towson in that there are they're going to need some democrats the vote for towson if he is to be confirmed they're asking him all kinds of questions that he really can't answer because it would we would speak that was a normally you think you did put the work well you are going to put the mess murderer humid about but i need to check the records under i you know what i mean we got to go to be in for a grimy up wells under i'd non native truck the record i'm not i knew what do you mean you got to triple a good can gil just tell me what do you think put in the work well the pillar she's got he's got they're a narrow roland that we have to walk let me go back to the phones though this is thomas in your on oh highlow i'm glad you waited welcome to the program so high all right i think he and then and speaker from because i kept trouble hearing but as many get those i'm a long time listener thank you sir and all right cathy you know ever since november it's just been christmas every day in my house the became are right from myself and we still have a christmas tree out and and i want to tell you lose the super you know alright alright went trump i talked to this and then reported away he did i you know i thought the myself this guy is going to respond is not is is going to employ is going to do instantaneous records that's what it amounts to anybody that all new is or whatever it is there's you know and i am i was so happy at kept moment because i haven't seen that ever and i'm seventy four years old i got a lot of three catches.

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