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That is how you started. Show is the classic. Rpc fans only banger. We just put that in this show. We can't start with them. We can't open with okay. Well you know that. Put us in the mood though. That's all i'm saying. That's that's far simpson. And i think there wasn't a video edited by clavicle in my right. My wrong correct. Yeah wow that was. Mr clapper goes you've seen this book didn't realize it clavicle did the whole video and then the The song was Fart simpson these. Two guys are so talented when they come together. It's amazing making of amazing. We might as well get it right at the top. And i want to tell you what is amazed why mate live is back shit. We're back friday april second six. Pm pacific nine eastern go to livestream that why mate studios dot com to get your tickets. Now we have a crazy show plan we have one of the wia may most celebrated guests krista stephanos sitting on the couch. Chrissy we have original music by marcus kane about that. Grammy nominated nominated play south original music for us. Plus we have some really special guests on the show and a heavy segment. That will hopefully send you into psychiatric. That's the goal. So we're really excited to be back friday april second. Get your tickets. Now and Yeah it's going to be a blast. Listen we're we're planning some secret fund shit for you guys. It's been it's let's just say we're already doing some of the prep. Yeah and this might be the best. Wi h live super exciting nuts as really exciting. Also i'll let you know there's some new merch in the store. If you go.

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