Afghanistan, Taliban, Congressman Walter Jones discussed on Carolina Focus with Mark Thomas


In afghanistan during the carter administration yup calling it bringing them into their vietnam it seems like those words have kind of come back to haunt us in we are in our our second vietnam if you will well absolutely and i'm glad you started the carbocation all were quoting one of my dearest granted they former commodore truck krulak and a it's been my house of over six year on afghanistan and he would say to you today if he would go on being interviewed at a made that he agree to walter judged it's time that the country evaluate progress in afghanistan or the lack of progress why do we continue to spin money in afghanistan that we could be in a right here in america and why we continue in our pressure tweet sources out young men and women to go to that country to die and they have their limbs blown apart and as you point out in the text of the bill osama bin laden who is the architect of mine eleven if you will yep was officially declared dead in 2011 and but we're still there i guess the question is you know from from someone who has children and grandchildren who could you know if this doesn't stop could very well end up there why are we still there what what what do we actually expect to achieve steve you know we talk about winning in afghanistan what's the prize what is what is it that we would gain will mark to your point there is nothing that we can gained in afghanistan but for this reason it is a problem nation one of the strongest trapped in afghanistan's the part and the pouch news make up the majority of the taliban the taliban are or who america is fighting and i do not understand we don't have a definition of what is victory and at the know the problem that i have learnt from the military as well as general krulak you don't have a strategy if you don't know what you're trying to achieve and we're talking with north carolina congressman walter jones who has introduced a bill.

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