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Ones are more available than the than the normal. No, you'll see more of the dumb ones. And my son would be mad if it was just another pig or I don't know what some water one that super common in Seattle. Charm ender horrible. When I see a charm ender I'm so squirrels squirrels are a dime a dozen there. The Prius of the of the Pokemon going world. These names are right out of penthouse. I don't know why we made that connection early on, but it just keeps coming back. I don't see how you could sexualize name lakes. You're going to have to walk me through this. So let me ask you this or jubilee puff. Wrigley puff. How could that possibly? That's actually an orientation. Are you straight or gigli puff? So this was a new layer of pokey Monning fund that appeared in July twenty. Sixteen this idea that the Pokemon hunting and competing battling world would be layered over our world in this kind of immersive way. But I was gonna jump back and say that Pok Mon as a franchise goes back further than that. Do you have to have specific questions before I jump back? Well, I wanna jump back, but I also want to know like if you hold up your phone and the Pokemon is in it. Does it have proximity? Like is the? Can you see a Pokemon? That's one hundred and fifty yards away and it's very small and then you have to go to it. I can't walk you through the interface. But yes, you have to be sufficiently close to the Pokemon for it to appear. And that's why they're calling out everybody in this field. The people on the other end of the park don't know that good Pok Mon just appeared by the parking lot or by the playground, but this can cause a kind of like mass endangerment if every thousand people are running to the same location, can it be it endangers racks? It does not endanger the actual Pokemon, but we should talk about the environmental costs because that's that's actually a thing. Let's get to that, but I don't fully. I have never fully understood what a Pokemon was in the first place. It was a card game, right? Always video game. So it started out as a video game a Game, Boy, video game dates back to nineteen ninety five. The first Pok Mon games are released, but the game of actually I think a first glimmer in its inventor, sue. Souto CD. Taiji res Japanese is back in ninety. Eighty nine. He loved collecting insects as a boy. This is a real right of passage. Look at this in. Did you ever collect? Did you ever do a bug collection? I did one in sixth grade, no, but my mother won a prize at the Ohio State fair in nineteen forty, four as our as our listeners. Probably remember for her insect collection, she'd done a whole display of different pinning them to the house. Ronnie, Beatles and whatnot. And as a member of the four h. she won some some ribbon at the Ohio State fair, I had to do for sixth grade and I- bugs kind of squeaked me out on Washington state doesn't have very many good bugs or were you in Korean? I in South Korea we were getting and maybe maybe influenced by whatever makes Japanese kids collect butts, but like giant cicadas that spend all summer going in. The American self. So I was in Washington DC during one of the cicada episodes a seventeen year sa- keta bloom. And so I saw the Sakina 's on Massa catos don't say anything disparaging about their looks in case we are speaking to future people who have the HR Geiger look of of giant kid. No, no, no. I didn't find them ugly. It was just they were definitely loud, but also the everywhere. You could not escape injuring them because you couldn't crunch. Jones with every step. When I hear that noise even if it's in like a Japanese movie or an anime, like if I hear that I'm immediately taken back to my summers as a kid they were. It was every summer. This was just a normal sound like crickets in the in the midwest? Yeah, there must be some species that does not have the seventeen year cycle because we heard it every summer in creek or alternately. There are seventeen different species all on the seventeen year cycle. And so it happens every year..

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