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How how fragile mexico inter that no i think that's enough but why why are people so excited about that this is the feature technology if so if someone said do you want to invest in the internet where fall the internet was created what would you have done clear yet probably not but much of the excitement here is due to the soaring value of the bitcoin currency which was built on block chain now the companies here are using the block chain to launch all sorts of speculative new ventures and to raise money for them they're launching what a cold initial coin offerings where they effectively make their own currency and get people to buy it so we've come across on the go robo made william peckham from rovuma it what does it do and in what ways that using the block chain to do it we help patients mostly in emerging economies get guaranteed access to best in class healthcare a wants thank what to do with the block well our system it's using smart contracts so that smart contract allows us to have full transparency into that diagnosis and treatment process where each step has to be recorded on block chain and that's how we can guarantee it at that getting that now your launching an ico an initial coin offering worries that what what are you trying to do with it sure so an initial coin offering allows companies to raise digital currencies essentially in our presell will it were looking to raise one hundred thousand a therion which is a type of digital currency with what's that in real money a theory on how much as one hundred thousand a theory.

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