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Denver, Mike Zimmer, NFL discussed on First Things First


In practice they liked that game a little bit of reps in the game in mop up duty but taste i like he took control he found someone who was in love with him that's denver and one out there and aggressively pursued each other i believe it's a good fit for them and denver gets their franchise quarterback without mortgaging their future they have some high priced guys they don't have the salary flexibility that some other teams might have but getting your quarterback and getting that resolve is a good thing for the denver broncos the only thing is we don't know who case it's going to be and previous head coach mike zimmer was questioning exactly who case is going to be as recently as at the nfl combine i didn't see this quote when it happened last week but when i was reading up about this signing i came across i think greg rosenthal included on his piece on nfl dot com that mike zimmer last week at the combine said well are we going to get the case of last year or the case of two years ago now when he said it really didn't mean that much but now that case as a media the first day of age he goes to denver it means a lot more today in real time than it did absolutely because it means that either a the vikings didn't extend him a nicer a good offer or maybe didn't extend him any type of significant offer whatsoever it also just saw that they they've been looking at kirk cousins for the last couple of didn't priority and i didn't wanna wait but i the thing is when we have the pieces of evidence of the things that may or may not have been.

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