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Just a few minutes, we're going to play you a lady in California who is limited about all this illegal immigration. I'll share that with you in just a moment. We've got sound from the president today. First day to the government employees today have actually missed the paycheck. We're all the doom and talk about six one five seven three seven nine nine. Eight six instant Email. Phil Phil Valentine dot com. And web address so Valentine dot com. Well, we may not be getting the wall at least yet. But it still Friday. Well that didn't make the transition. It really did. This must be the the band. No. Who is I have no idea. Paseo broke basil. And he can only afford this band. Well, that's right. Give his wife his ex-wife sixty five billion. Man. He's dead. Michael has the the brass bar, all cleaned and everything. Ready to go. And look at Jeff Bezos from the vast staff, Charlie cook got some got some attorney names foreign. Abby asked me for something. I said you don't want my. Yeah. He. You've been to this before we ask. Yes. Your pillow. Wow. Look at me. No, no, no, Jeff. We don't wanna see that. No, you don't know. He wants to text it to me. No, no. I don't wanna see that. Jeff Jeff Bose that bazo singers that he was cheating. I think. That is the worst rendition of that's really kisses appear. Apparently not that somebody else. Okay. We'll fix.

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