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Dan nexen. Today i'm talking to john. I can bury about all things liberal international order. John i can vary the alberti millbank professor of politics and international affairs at princeton university in the department of politics and the princeton school of public and international affairs. He's also the co director of princeton's center for international security studies. John is a whole list of other accolades which you can go read about on his website. He is the author of eight books including after victory institutions strategic restraint in the rebuilding of order after major wars which came out with princeton's who thousand one liberal leviathan the origins crisis and transformation of the american system which came out in two thousand and eleven and most recently a world safe for democracy liberal internationalism the crisis of global order which was published by yale university. Press in twenty twenty. We're gonna primarily talking about arguments that john makes the world safe for democracy as well as some pieces that you may have read me talking about at the blog most notably his piece on roosevelt and foreign policy with dan duty which appeared this year in foreign policy. And i want to start by welcoming john to our program. Thank you dan. It's great to be here so there's a lot we can talk about. I think that the i wear. I really would like to start though is if you could tell our listeners about your most recent book which i think is a really important backdrop or all the different contexts that they've been reading your name risk. Yes absolutely the the book that tha you're speaking of That came out last fall. A world safe for democracy which really is my effort to to reconstruct and eliminate the liberal international traditional across the two hundred two hundred years and it really begins with the debate that everyone is having kind of crisis of the contemporary. Bobo order the breakdown of the.

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