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Ron Davenport the Broncos Titans slash half back and tore on Davenport covers the Titans it's also about drill Casey sametime street what trash triton him for a seventh round pick that is a little bit tough each I think you can understand we have a couple things want to get to in a segment but that you can kind of understand where the Titans are like so you're you put yourself in the position for case you can understand where the tides are out there due to clear some cap but on the other hand you just think what should I have a little bit more value than a seventh rounder because if he's traded for a fourth rounder maybe he's a little frustrated but he's a freaking out about the way it went down I was like all right well you guys got you had to get something I I get hit yes I think the seventh runner doesn't feel like anything because how many times generally speaking how may times two seventh rounders even make active rosters at a camp not often typically seventh rounders are gonna be practice squad guys yes this indication of when that shows up and and you know right well we got a steal here marques Colston yeah that kind of stuff but mostly time your seventh rounders sees spot on the roster and players know that you're you're you roll the dice on somebody else with outstanding athletic potential it never put all together that kind of stuff were injured guy the teen movie you know every he's six but you said you get the I get the point so yeah it's not often that they are making especially season one it's really not often that those type of guys are making the roster typically if they do it's an offense of linemen definitely all right couple these only get to in this segment first of all the NFL put out a memo today on what the protocols will be for when players return to facilities that you even had a referencing this ban yeah for a while and what you you knew that it was out there that is eventually going to come out and you more this is a you know several pages yeah the highlights and I think this is the thing that that obviously circulated throughout Twitter today was the fact that you're gonna have to have your to reconfigure locker rooms for social distancing six feet Bob you see it and so that's gonna be a little bit of a challenge for some teams out though some some teams like the Broncos word maybe you have are your locker in in one facility and then you have another party or locker room any other facility because you have the Pat Bowlen fieldhouse out there and so you do have options there I think for the Broncos the smart movies bring the rookies in space the lockers out right now yes and then you can worry about how these restrictions are gonna go as you go and reconfigure for the veterans but I I think it's important to get a rookie camp and if I'm if I'm the Broncos that's what I'm trying to do you think that's still a possibility arise I saw some things earlier today including from Albert Breer saying that there was expectation there's no many camps there's probably not going to be but if on the Broncos and tried trying to put it together do something right I I think it's a good idea so the rookies maybe some of the new bad guys in the offseason in free agency well I think you just do a rookie Mikhail late rookie minicamp just nibbling else is that right I think it's important get those guys a rest I think a because those guys most of the rookies on this team are gonna lose reps once you get into camp because they're gonna be stuck behind veterans and so you're not do you have much much fewer opportunities just one week in with those rookies can really kind of help say mom okay there's a guide you to keep an extra eye on when we get the camp I need to kind of see how he okay the sale he does against the veterans he's dominating against this guy was gonna make our team here rookie mini camp but I need to put him up against some some better competition see what he does and in camp and those kinds of things help you to find different guys you know they help you to find guys that you know the Trevor Siemian's of the world and there are a little bit better than where you drafted him so you know the address guy like Philip to come in and fill in the came in he was an also ran that you know over there got like well you know the bottom of the roster guy you could contribute here there he just kept going and having those extra reps is vital that process you agreed and we we said that immediately about because we had a chance to interview all of the calls free agents we got asked I would say we lost all of them we have several of them about kind of a bit of a missed opportunity here during OTA's you Mr rookie mini camp in a lot of teams have gone with the rookie mini camp to become more of a classroom setting anyways they don't really get around the field first time features a walk through the teams are mostly trying to avoid any injuries during that time in early may but now we're into June this the time for OTA purposes you have a chance to really show the coaching staff you're gonna pay attention when training camp starts the other is leaving float around so you wouldn't even get players in or not and maybe you're right that that's what the the goal is to try to be gets rookies in here before the end of June I think June twenty six is the final date but there is some conversation about seeing if the players will acquiesce and agree to come in a few days before the July twenty eighth start of most training camps there is conversation out there about that but now that this is a little bit difficult situation I think for JC Tretter specifically he's in this new role do you really want when you're first things that you do is negotiating less vacation time less time offer these put even though they've all been it even parts are unknown right threads tire to not a lot of them have been in the same city even though that's been the case they still had to be available for these online sessions the zoom meetings but then you're asking players to come back early and I I sure think about for the Broncos last year and how tough that was for them to come in early the reason why this is being even talked about about coming in a few days early maybe for up to five days early before that July twenty eighth is because you're going to have to kinda get things in place for these protocols it's not a show up and let's get off to practice it will show up let's get the protocols in were in worse let's get the testing going do you think that's a possibility that could actually happen yeah I think it's possible I don't know that it's probable I I think that you know me saying the broker should have a mini camp is mmhm there's more to it than that than that I am not ideal world they should try to make that happen whether or not they are successful is remains to be seen these memos that are floating around this document has evolved over the last forty five days since it was your first kind of put out there this goes back to conversations we were having about the NBA the NHL MLB NBC Unitarianism very detailed document very detailed very structure very concise on what needs to be done or what the league expects to be done some of these things are pretty feasible some of them some clubs may have more problems with that others if your two teams sharing a stadium in Los Angeles figure out the locker room situation gonna be pretty tough I'm gonna be honest with you if you are the Denver Broncos that locker room has a limit of limited space you can't put everybody in there No Way and steal it here to the guidelines this memorandum he can it's just not physically possible Joe the field house you do there are there are other options and you have to kind of make do you might make one the offense when the defense that I mean I guess that there's a wrench in the special teams but you know whatever so there are options there but as far as actually getting around to having like I said rookie mini camps all kind of stuff you know I don't know I I think if you're a Broncos fan your best bet is to plan on training camp and the preseason and if you get anything else you're happier for it the Steelers are doing something kind of interesting they're going to training camp at Heinz field yeah widget or should the Broncos consider doing at mile high empower field there's maybe a bit of an argument there because we just talked about kind of locker rooms you do have I mean they're a little bit closer as far as proximity you can use the visitor locker room you have your home locker room right it's a little bit obviously bigger facility it's just like it's a little closer plus one of things behinds field you actually could have fans out there at the stadium to watch practices where I don't know if they could necessarily get away with that down in the valley I I don't think that you enjoy it out there I'm trying to I'm trying to remain here but I I I think you I hear you I like that idea in theory reality is the last thing you're doing right now is catered to the fans for preseason and and training camp I if it in fact if it's meat on the Denver Broncos we're not allowing fans a training camp this year or photo to video cameras to a live stream we'll get a title sponsor told him about a live stream or make less money that way this drink is free of charge to come out here training so if it's me what I'm trying to do is will have a limited media set up and you know and it's thanks for that bye if you have a good day we're queer get rid of the the fans on the hill and we are doing is a little bit different we are going to live stream this for the fans the Broncos have ever made it important they they've said this in the past that it's very important that fans have an opportunity river was last year the eagles only open up to practices and they're charging yeah that's weird that was that was a mess but in the end but the Broncos were on the other side of that thing and there were other teams were on the other side of that thing so where I'm with you in this is different circumstances this is a pandemic it's a little bit different you're trying to keep not only your players and staff healthy but you try to keep the patrons themselves you don't put the patrons in a position where they're potentially causing themselves are but on the other side of this maybe the Broncos don't look as the primary reason to have practices down at the.

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