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Some similarities between what apple will offer for IOS fourteen, and what's coming for IPAD O. S. fourteen. widgets as well as improvements to messages and Syrian maps. All that we heard about the. Update! Perhaps. The most memorable part of the IPAD reveal was improvements coming for Apple Pencil. And Gadget has word of scribble. According to the report the feature, let's you handwrite and any text field, and it'll automatically be converted into taxed if your handwriting's on the same page is drawings, you can also select the piece of handwriting while avoiding the surrounding art. On top of that you can change the color of the tax and move around in the document and a demo. Apple also showed that it can recognize both English and Chinese and the same line. And that it can recognize handwritten addresses and phone numbers as well. It also let you draw perfect shapes. Imperfect squares become totally square circles completely circular crooked lines straight. You get the idea. It'll perfect the shapes. If you wanted to. It's a pause at the end of the drawing that makes sketches with character in the cookie. Cutter Shapes. Other IPAD OS fourteen features highlighted by N Gadget. A new universal search function simply start typing into the search bar, and it'll allow you to launch APPs or documents instantly. You can also search the web this way type A, few characters, and it'll automatically bring up the top hit result in Safari. There's also a new sidebar and gadget says. It off this new sidebar in apps like photos where you can drag a photo to the side bar to move it to an album for example. The sidebar will also appear in notes and files where there will also be a streamline toolbar and additional controls at the top. Just like I o s fourteen ipad Os. Fourteen is due out to everybody this fall. And finally today another raised price target for apple and. Once again. It's got nothing to do with what apple is doing this week. Apple CIDER HAS UBS analyst Timothy Archaeology. Target on apple shares by seventy five bucks. On unanticipated strength of iphone S. E. N. Much anticipated strength of iphone by G. He used Tuesday's note to move its price target from three hundred twenty five dollars to a cool four hundred. And investors were happy to help the shares get their. Say It with me. Apple hit new intra-day and closing highs on Tuesday. Shares shot. Super High hitting three hundred seventy two dollars and thirty seven cents according to Mac Daily News. They sled back several bucks though. Ending the day at three, sixty, six, fifty, three. Coming up in a few minutes. Brian Chavez had two favorite things from ww. DC I had three today in Ios Host Rob Walsh Came Away with a top ten list. Here what's on it in a few minutes? Look for that show wherever you find podcasts..

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