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Thank you, Anthony Rizzo. On tweeting after Daniel Weeded River rock with Dan and I was good. And what about Secretary called? That's a contender is incredible. You missed it from heaven. That was so great Good. Hey, boys. What's up, fellow? We've got so much stuff. We didn't even I mean, there's a ton guys ton. Hon. You know what it's like. What? Well, and the manager and I don't know what's going on in that dugout. I mean, I swear to God somebody, please. Somebody's gotta know something, right? We're talking about this every week. Now, every week. Yeah. I'm a little surprised at shocked. Almost I'm a little bit surprised that some of the reaction from the fans like I'm listening to you guys this morning and You know? The excuse making what was some of the experiences of work. Somebody called in one of the DJ and let Caspar do you mean That's not there? You guys put the one calling this place, too. It's not DJ's job to know the rules like Should DJ Nowhere shouldn't whatever. He should have some sort of familiarity with it, even if it's not instantaneous recall because it's hard to go. Have a command of the whole damn rule book. But if it was added in the spring, it usually comes out as a notification to the press. Also, the people in the dugout need to know. Yeah, no, that's most important. Need to know most important. Okay, so I asked me this question. I want you guys to give me your answer. If I'm Rick Hahn. Do I have the autonomy to get on a plane this morning if I'm not with the team. Call Tony last night. Go. I'm coming out. Get some sleep, noon meeting in my suite and what the whole staff there. Or do I have to call Jerry and Joe? Jerry? Can I lay the law down on these guys and then said meeting takes place and I don't m f Anybody. I don't bear. Here's the deal, guys. That's the last time you're not going to know the rule book. If you don't know the rule book, get one or I'll hire somebody that will be in a booth that can let you know what the rule is, but it will not happen again or there will be changes. Is that fair? I don't think it's unfair at all. I don't look like I don't think that Jerry as I said that that's fair to say. I just don't know if that works with the White Sox right, but that Zurich's higher can hunt coming there with bases voicing it to Tony. I don't not sure you can. No, listen, It's not Rex higher. He doesn't have the guy that's got to put this horse down. His Jeri Ryan star. Okay, This horse has come up lame and he needs to be put down and the guy that has to do with his right store crimes. Dorf hired him. Ryan's door's gotta put him down. Could Tony at some point like, I doubt Tony. The Roosters ever quit at anything in his life because he's been a pretty successful person would be his legacy. He can't but I'm wondering, can honestly like do you think it's some point? Another myth like everything that's already happened What guys were 56 weeks into the season here? We're not five months, but the teams like I know, but could he go to Jerry at some point and say Hey. We bit off more than we could chew here. I'm 76. I am older and have it have. They don't process as well as I used to. I thought this might be a little bit easier. It's not coming back is quickly. I don't have the energy for it. The guy looks exhausted. You guys all the time. Could he at some point, go to Jerry and say I'm sorry, but this isn't right. I'm honestly wondering that I don't know. I like I said, I doubt he's ever quit anything. I heard you guys said earlier. There's no way Jerry's gonna fire him. There's no way not again. No way. There's no way Jerry's gonna, even if Jerry knows it's wrong At this point. He's too stubborn and loyal. Combination of both. Yeah, and he's too stubborn to have everybody say told you, Jerry. In his mind. It was right. And even if it's wrong now he's not going to admit that to everybody. He's not Jerry's not going to do it is Tony at some point going to say. Yeah, This was a mistake. I want my life back, right? Carmen is embarrassed is one those things where listen, we talk about this because and I try to do it from 1000 Ft, you know, standpoint away from my White Sox fandom. You just don't want to have a situation like this occur when you really need a game late September. You don't wanna have this be a mistake in the playoffs. Whatever it is, you want to make sure that he knows everything about his ball club and everything about the rules and everything else. So that way the socks as good as they are can march forward. You don't want the man to hold him back because I'm trying to manage like this 1990. That's the that's the instrument. And as I said to Johnson, With all the issues, Tony Injuries like incredibly Tim Anderson's been on the injured list. Lance Lin's been on the injured list. We know about Robert and Jimenez an angle all of that going first. They're tied for first. And if they have a good weekend against the royal starting tomorrow, they could wake up alone in first on Monday, Yeah, I know everything about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. And they're still good. Maybe there say that. Well, that's true. So there's still off, tied for first with the best run differential in the American League, second in the entire Circuit behind on Lee, the Dodgers Dodgers air plus 37 soxer plus 36 run differential, so we know they're good they might win in spite him. You're right, crazy like they might. And as long as he doesn't do something bad in September, October Hoody, that's that. Maybe by then they clean it up and they're talented enough. Tonto. Just keep winning. But And it's a bad look. I honestly wonder if he's got the That's stomach for but like, is Tony at some point going to say this. This was more than I thought, And it's more than I can handle right now. 76. If they were bad, it would be a problem for him. I think it be a much bigger problem than they do in last place and struggling like Majal have it anymore. I can't. But it's not that that's the whole thing. The staff the pitching helps. It's big right. The offense has been tremendous. There's so many positives as I do my perspective from the ESPN 1000 White Sox network, right? I was my arm. My hands folded you. C C Can you understand the hands folded? That's how the net that's the network pose. You know that right perspective. What was funny? We were we go after we get off the air. Pull the curtain back. Danny and I go in the other studio, and we record commercials occasionally, but he does the same thing. But yesterday he couldn't Because here to get ready for the pregnant again. He's in an adjoining studio with the door open and it was. I'm not kidding. It was literally like a different person had walked into that room with professional Danny Dyer in there, and I'm like getting ready going. Okay. Um, let's see Verizon for capture a hood 32nd spot coming down and I hear him in there. Good afternoon. I'm Jonathan Hood on the White Sox network today, a battle of their league rival. I'm like, Who is that guy? That's professional broadcaster Jonathan who like when he's in the boot that anyways, when he's doing to us again? Yes. I didn't recognize who that shouldn't. I don't recognize cat. You know, David and and Danny right now, Of course not. Good morning, guys. David and Goliath. I understand you got a wild, wacky morning show there, he said exactly what he said. You guys. You said that in a while. The wacky morning show I'm or oven NPR guy exactly. You know, I just do this on the shaking finger, the veteran shaking big sweater. Everything's ready to go September Garner to send it all right? Yeah, I focus on time for a White Sox baseball. Don't know those guys were, I think is ready for white socks. So great. We'll do it. The hands folded. And then he goes on Waddle and Sylvie. They're starting and they bring in network Jonathan. Then he becomes my guy Hood, my partner, Jay Hood, and then water goes. Okay. You gotta go send it to break as network Jonathan and he gives the network right. That's that prison whites. So, so I'm pissed. Obviously this morning, right? I'm pissed, but yesterday, but as you know, car because Carm did the network for the Bulls from for many years. The the Chicago White Sox fall short against the Reds. What, not lost Phil Short fell short against the Reds won Nothing in 10. We'll see you Friday..

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