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Such a thing are forty million to one forty million to one or roughly the same chances of me doing this setup. The same. Take a million. Here's. Beginning, the new Big Joe well room nine south, that's pretty much a crawl from the Edison bridge down toward Raritan street. Southbound boy, and then some more pockets of volume as you make your way down through the old bridge area into Peron road. And then some more delays. Jake Brown road down toward fairway lane. And yet, even more slowdowns on route nine down toward ferry road, in old bridge house, going to find some delays on seventy nine south toward main street in freehold, and eighteen north reporting, an accident in the vicinity of main street in East Brunswick. So look out for that as well. Thirty six thousand got your typical delays, and Seabright look a little better. Thirty five south into mental looking Indian head road. East of route nine in Tom's river with a crash and the Parkway still in the busy side travelling south approaching the school bridge, and then a brake check over my one sixteen more slowdowns into Tom's river but not a big delay. Chris road, north shutdown between Bali in Crestwood for broken water main. That's in watch on two eighty was jammed over the Stickel bridge, and the turnpike easing, south Newark airport, George Washington Bridge, leaving New Jersey about ten to fifteen minutes now. So it's getting better over at the Lincoln. Tunnel. That's about fifteen to twenty in the Holland that'll be about fifteen off the skyway and less than that, from the turnpike. Traffic every fifteen minutes. Next report seven thirty three on New Jersey one zero one point five New Jersey traffic is made possible by your summer. Traffic report by Mercedes Benz of Princeton, summer's here and heating up great offers on new and certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicles at proceeds Benza. Princeton, traffic is better in new Mercedes-Benz, c. They're large inventory, m B Princeton dot com, Mercedes-Benz the Princeton family owned value driven for over thirty five years.

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