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More than just the headlines. This is WSB CBS News Radio. Eight eighty. After a rally yesterday, the stock market tumbled today amid the president's cleats about tariffs. The body of America's forty first president, George H W Bush lying in state of the US capitol rotunda, thousands of paid their respects thousand more waiting to do so mayor de Blasio says the decision to fire OEM Commissioner Joe Esposito was planned weeks ago before the November snowstorm the mentioned producing their new players today Robinson, canot and and Wendy. We have a fair sky thirty nine degrees in New York on Tuesday, December fourth good afternoon. Thanks for joining us. I'm Steve Scott. It's four thirty one. CBS news special report what a day on Wall Street a day after a one percent rally the market staged a three percents Sela partly on concerns for long-term economic growth. Bond market has always been seen as a smart money. Kind of an indicator and the bond market is flashing warning signs. Michael fire afar. Miller in Washington shorter yields become higher than the longer yield. So you actually can earn more on a two year note bene- five year note, which kind of doesn't make sense. But it often is a signal from investors that they don't think growth is really going to be very great President Trump has also been sending some mixed signals on trade touting a truce with China yesterday today. He tweeted, I am tariff, man. What's an investor to do CBS business? Analyst Jill Schlesinger says small investors shouldn't panic. What's really important is you not react to this information that you try to stick to your game plan. She'd Bs news special report. I'm Jim shanavie goodbye to former president George H W Bush is continuing today in Washington are rich lamb is in DC and spoke to some who waited in line for hours to pay their respects thousands and thousands lined up in the coal to bid farewell to George Hw Bush. They praised his dignity and reserve his dedication to family and country. Many were already in Washington on business or vacation, but not Texan Ronnie motley after emerging from the rotunda, he declared a wonderful experience. I actually came up from Dallas this morning to new it. I'm dishonored to pay my respects for somebody that started serving the country when he's eighteen years old is a navy fighter and had a wonderful life gave a lot to the to the country. So what was it like inside? It's just. Saalom, Reverend experience many called it powerful and said you could have heard a pin drop in there. At the capital, rich, lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty it's four thirty three. We finally heard from air to blouse you today about what happened over the weekend with office emergency management Commissioner Joe Esposito. Let's go live to Steve burns. Who's following the story? Steve what did the mayor have to say? Yes. Steve the mayor's chalking this all up to miscommunication original reports indicated the Commissioner Esposito was being fired as a result of that rush hour snowstorm a couple of weeks ago. But mayor de Blasio says he actually came to the decision to fire Esposito well before that while he was out of town over the weekend. The deputy mayor deliver the news, but the Blasios says there was clearly missed signals in his words in that conversation. The mayor did express some regret saying he now realizes he should have been the one to break the news d'esposito following what really it's been a distinguished career career with the city four plus years is the OEM Commissioner following the being the NYPD teeth department for thirteen years before that the boss says everyone's now on the same page following some conversations yesterday, and he's trying to figure out ways to keep us. Busy toe in the administration in a new role as for why the mayor wanted someone new in the head of OEM position says he wanted the office to take a new direction and more strategic approach. Steve Steve burns reporting live. Last week senators from both parties expressed anger that CIA director Gina hassle. Skip debriefing on the murder of journalist Jamal kashogi today. The senators got what they wanted a briefing from the director herself more from CBS news correspondent Bill Rakoff while Republican and Democratic Senate leaders didn't have anything to say leaving the hassle hearing Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican of South Carolina didn't hold back. I went into the breaking believing. It was virtually impossible for an operation like this to be carried out without the crown prince's knowledge. I left the briefing with high confidence that my initial assessment of the situation is correct of you shared by Senate Foreign Relations chair. Bob corker who said it was clear the crown prince orchestrated Khashoggi's death. They'll Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill special counsel, Robert Muller faces a court deadline of today to recommend a sentence for President Trump's former national security advisor, the special council is expected to recommend to a federal judge a sentence for retired US army, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials on behalf of Mr. Trump. But he's cooperated with prosecutors hoping for probation, the special counsel will reveal for the first time publicly. How much information Flynn has share CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey. The NYPD has a new fleet of drones fourteen of them. The department says he'll be used for search and rescue crime scenes that are hard to search and in hostage situations and other incidents where there may be hazardous. Materials. Officers will be specially trained and licensed to operate. The drones. There is some push back from the New York Civil Liberties Union, which has the NYPD needs a drone policy that properly balances public privacy concerns. Four thirty-six WCBS. This is why you need to start your day with WCBS. Boy have we had rail troubles. The album is poised activity here. Again, the flash flood warning still in effect for portions of the area until the tariffs made stocks plunged after they had rebound yesterday. WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty listen every day..

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