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That was purchased by samsung and basically it lets you connect a whole bunch of different devices smart home devices right to this system some of them being smart home security devices you've got arlo cameras you've got some sensors for your windows and doors but you want to be able to arm those without using your phone and using a keypad which makes sense you come home and you you know you you turn off the alarm when you come into the house with a keypad versus going on your phone we have simply safe and our keypad was down for a week and it actually was a real big pain to turn on off the alarm when we entered an exit from our phone the entire time sometimes it's fine like when i leave the house off an arm it from my phone which is fine like getting my car but coming home and having to turn it off it's kind of weird so what i'm seeing on these smart things website is not many options i see an adt option but the problem with adt option is you have to add in adt home security starter kit which is three ninety nine and then you gotta get monitoring from adt which is at least fifteen dollars a month so you probably don't wanna go that route sheldon because you mentioned that you want to keep this cheap so i think i mean are you willing to send this stuff back i mean because you mentioned that you you might want to go with simplisafe instead i personally think simply safe is going to be a simpler solution at this point and you can still use it with the arlo cameras that you have so that right the event that you are out somewhere you forgot to turn on the system.

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