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A pretty decent voice. But for some reason, when you get on a microphone, the first couple of times when you get in front of a camera, the octave goes up a little bit. S So he cuts open the Mike. He's like. What everybody is. Doing how the fuck are you doing? He says. Holy Shit. This is his last in First Gig ever it's over. So yes, those moments if you don't know that that. Moment that just Kinda Clams Yup. Over the top and you do these really ridiculous things did you have a teleprompter or anything or this is just Off the head no, and I you know I never worked in front of a teleprompter until I got to WCW and that was hard for me because I was. So by that time had gotten so used to. Just somebody give me the bullet points. Tell me how you want it to end and let me go. And I got really good at that. You know because I did hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. Over the course of a year maybe thousands. So it. Eventually. You can train A. Train, Muggy to do anything you know if given enough time. So eventually I just got decent at that. and. Then I go to WCW. Okay. Here's your copy and I'm going copy. You gotta read something. What do you mean I got to read And I started working teleprompter and that drove me crazy for the first day or two. Now I got it ran and then it becomes more comfortable but I don't like rely on it. I, don't like using telephone. I will if I have to sometimes you have to if you're reading copy that needs to be very specific for whatever reason. I'll do it but man in a normal environment. If I'm out doing something I camera for wrestling I much prefer doing it could have been proud because I'm just better at that. Sure. Well, the thing about the teleprompter too is look you. You can use it like a guide and and if you have to have won the good. Talent who has it they can go off script and still of come back to find those bullet points and then you can tell the people don't that people were just hey, it's Eric Bischoff. Welcome to WCW Saturday night Larry's Bisco you know I mean that just that ridiculousness but again, it's the talent and you did it the right way learning on the fly learning to not have the shit written down learning to use rely on your creativity. That's really the way to do it, and that.

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