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On wednesday bartender fired. I'm like what and i go out there. It's the off from now for folks that don't work in clubs or know about fought fungus berry heavy so if you're not if you don't have bodies mix it up it kind of rolls along the bar like literally walk in the bar. It's super creating and so it kinda started crawling on the bottom. Like what the heck. So i go to jaber. The fog machine is unplugged. Would not it was but it was working. This is a prime example of stuck. That would happen. It got the flame all the time. Gotta gimme an nexus. Gimme out of air and its own. I didn't know that about maybe. This is why we have a ghost here. Too i know are haunted. We have a ghost freaking. Claude is a nightmare. Claude is very much. go ahead the new. We don't have any issues but we didn't have any issues until recently with spirits anything. We have an amazing tony. I don't know if you know this an rob both. Y'all when other mariam. I told you but there is a hap- disco ball on inside in that vip area. But i'm saying the queen's perform that ball is bette midler disco ball that she used to come down on at caesar's palace block about it like while. Bet you come down this disco ball that is that disco ball. Stefan flew to vegas bought it and then trinity you. All none of us had a big enough vehicle to get it back and drove back across mortar to get it back west biased in that disco ball. We have created a shrine for all the folks that have passed. Suicide is a real thing in our community and you know we have unfortunately lost a lot of our our guests and friends So anybody is welcome to put a picture of one of our guests. Someone they'd loss up there so there are always with us always on dances. What was always part of that. I have no idea what is up there. I have no idea but in the last in the last like eight months. We've got something. There is some their arms spirit. Now gossip like i've never felt it until recently. Mike snap them telling me about it on all the time and i think i know who it is a it is it it. Is it a great my sage on third album. Mary spirit or oh yeah. It's so special. Is we would do this kind of offering. Have we had quite a few people that have literally and it saying not enough funeral there. But have a memorial gathering memorial me popped up. Picture up in the disco is a home away. It's other home. It's a home away from home. It is that's you go especially in the women's munity when something bad happened such as orlando this shootings at orlando or the power outage in two thousand nine thousand. Ten people don't know where to go so they come home. They come together. that's why the scientists welcome beautiful. You know it's like we're going home so whenever we lose someone our communities very common. They rejected Can just meet a gossiper. You're okay with that. I just need to be around my family. you know. just be run my community. So i did not. I did not know that tidbit and everybody that listens to this show knows i am like the biggest bette midler fan so i was like stevie the way yeah. I went back like literally since sixth grade..

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