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The powerful backing of American Express don't do business without it. Schivonne another admirable trait. Many point to in talking about John McCain, whether they're Republicans or not, is his willingness to admit mistakes. And that's something he's done publicly several times over the course of his career. This is a guy who's honest with himself and frequently honest with the public. So one of those was when he was coaxed into making a false confession when he was in North Vietnam, it was something he felt terrible about. He was very honest about his failings when it came to the Keating five scandal, that banking intervention, we talked about. He was also to a degree honest about his personal life. His first marriage had failed when he got home from the war he was changed. His first wife was changed. She'd been in a horrible accident that left her unable to walk in the marriage came apart. He apologized for that and then blamed himself for that. He. Also could be open about some of the handwringing that he experienced when it came to the Iraq war. He had voted in favor of the Iraq war, which as we all know was under it into based on faulty information. He had a sense that in supporting the military which he did very strongly. It did put soldiers lives at risk. So there are a lot of instances in which he, you could see him sort of mentally hanging his head in realizing he hadn't lived up to his own standards, although that certainly what he was aiming for a Chaban I wanna talk about one of the last votes McCain made as a Senator, and this was after returning to the Senate against his doctor's advice, and it was to cast a no vote against Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I'm curious for those who cover Washington politics. What was that moment like to see a Republican book his own party, like that guess was an absolutely defining moment, and you could literally feel the electricity in the air from the moment he walked into the Senate floor when he refers. Used to say how he was going to vote to watching him stand in a cluster with Susan Collins at Lisa Murkowski as the entire Republican party looked his way wondering if he was going to bring down one of their stigma charcoals. And then that that down that I conduct thumbs down as Senate majority leader. Mitch McConnell crossed his arms and frowns at him was just a remarkable and defining moment in the Senate and that willingness to defy his own party certainly caught the attention of President. Donald Trump who McCain vocally disagreed with on more than one occasion. Absolutely. I, Donald Trump has been very tough on Senator McCain and Senator McCain gave it right back it. He was not cowed by Donald Trump, which is something very different from how a lot of other Republicans handle the president. Other Republicans would go quiet. Other Republicans have made excuses for Donald Trump. John McCain was having absolutely none of that. And he used many, many opportunities. To come back Donald Trump to accuse him of things like spurious, half-baked nationalism, and to really stand up for the values of a particular wing of the Republican party Schivonne as we remember Senator John McCain, what have you been hearing from colleagues fellow lawmakers on the hill about his legacy. First of all, lawmakers are absolutely crushed. What people feel is that John McCain was one of a kind that his absence leaves a huge void in the Senate, partly because of his moral fortitude on his toughness, partly because he was so much fun. He had an incredible sense of humor. He risked a joke in an environment in which a lot of people are terrified to make jokes because they're afraid of the political consequences. And so it's a loss for his colleagues on so many levels. McCain was also asked a few times how he'd like to be remembered, and I find it so interesting that he chose to people from opposite ends of the political spectrum to deliver his. You'll. Oh, jeez. His one time opponent, former President, Barack Obama and former President, George W Bush in a way making a statement about reaching across the aisle even in death. Absolutely. He was making a statement about bipartisanship and it's worth noting that that was the subject of really his final major speech on the Senate floor. He said, we have to work together..

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