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W. J. in the automotive group twenty four hour traffic center Dennis knew Barker W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty and now the accu weather forecast from the family heating cooling and electrical weather center morning sunshine is going to give way to clouds will see some rain showers crossing the area later this afternoon this evening may mix with some wet snow north of the city will get up to forty seven before those showers arrive brisk cold tonight flurries late the load thirty two and then we're looking at breezy and cold conditions tomorrow snow showers in the morning tapering to flurries in the afternoon high thirty seven real feels in the twenties and then nice for the weekend sunny not as cold Saturday high forty five mild near sixty breezy on Sunday thank you with your all just need to for WDBJ news radio nine fifty and currently metro airport it's clear but it's cold out there the temperature currently twenty six degrees live and local radio nine fifteen W. W. G. good morning thank you for joining us I'm reported just saying hello I'm Tom Jordan these are the top stories at six fifty happening today at the state capitol the Republican controlled house is proposing a new way to try and fix the roads the eight hundred million dollar plan proposes replacing the six percent sales tax on gas with a per gallon tax W. WJZ insing bureau chief Tim screw buckle out more in a live report Vetr CBS news at seven o'clock some good news out of Macomb county this morning a barricaded gunman situation at an apartment complex in new Baltimore the area of twenty three and Jefferson the situation has come to an end W. W. J. Sarli Langdon will have the very latest life at the top of the hour how disable Detroit man has a missing for more than four months in our reward is offered for information as we hear from W. WJZ Matthew thirty three year old Timothy king junior disappeared without a trace from his home on or about Monday October twenty first twenty nineteen he was last seen by family at his residence of the twenty nine hundred block of you all's circle of the west side of Detroit his family says he has mental issues it is without his much needed medication the crime stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to twenty five hundred dollars for information leading to his location if you voted a confidential tip you will remain anonymous call one eight hundred speak up or go to one eight hundred speak UP dot org Jim Matthews W. deputies radio died fifty something new about the **** files discovered in Argentina reveal the names of twelve thousand **** who lived in Argentina in the nineteen thirties and many had Swiss bank accounts researchers say that's according to the BBC a devastating scene in Tennessee after a series of tornadoes hit the state killing at least twenty five people and destroying houses and businesses in Putnam County alone there are eighteen confirmed deaths residents are now cleaning and picking up the pieces to see what they can recover from their demolished homes Cookeville resident Laura Neal tells us what she went through when the tornado struck her home my daughter was in her room and she has hearing problems so she wasn't wearing her hearing aid citing yell really loud you can't hear but not well she set up and the next thing I know is I'm looking at her face.

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