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Excellent for this for the golden gophers it's on nothing nothing first we have just passed the six minutes golden gophers at Notre Dame fighting Irish with only one shot on goal the goal for the only taken three but a lot of good offense of jump for Minnesota I think the either taken advantage of or created Notre Dame turnovers now the gophers will be guilty here of icing on the cake the fourth line continues to bring energy the third one looks like it's going to cause some problems there is a fourth line owner Joe we more Rooney Johnny Sorenson and the current reading the school Mr hockey from the state of Minnesota for the way in the Middle anywheres put out the sun rise by the golden gophers just the lands easy for the Minnesota is owned after awhile I will go for dole from the right point one and we're Charlie worries we'll go back in his own and for no hello would rethink that shop on this large ice surface rather than take it if you look at something else right on the right awards one corner and Tello secures it there for you over and over that's not a college it isn't a little for uniform reporters probably brought to you by soon first aid supplies to facility services covers get started ready for the war fighting Irish came without you describing these goals your voice gets better soon but the golden gophers in their home life the room reserves on the they call it but it really looks like navy blue to me for the fighting Irish and gold helmet this is the one who called the mourners same process I should say welcome aboard so to summarize the missile McLaughlin will just to start up the left wing to the middle of the Lincoln and often with offers all had a miserable time of sunrise and they haven't done much in the tax only to find out and for a much a one and done if you hold for one moment legal for free reminders to the system one gets it across to the right just out of the reach a Walker down the right corner lawyers for the Florida back in behind from working down low we're back on the point is down thank you this time go to the other side of the ring but they can't get any further this is the one for monitors did not for when the sun rise finally by Notre Dame good job my middle school in this line of motors Walker and the golf one hello from the rooms all he was concerned about Graham slider the associate head coach for the Irish see I refer the line all along the boards given goal the goal for down from a point Richmond slapped across to the right side note for Jack the top of the right circle or love circles Morrison the veterans your formal his death was center don't fit in goes off Minnesota's doing for forcing them to make changes I had to this time the change all five players the Irish three to one but it's still scoreless this is Vinny opening ten minutes dominated by Minnesota but since you nobody offers are in the midst of a line change and now murdered in St sister lives before for for not fight defenseman my goal for blue slammed it shut slam the door shut June but for the words find me two weeks will be turning twenty one the young man does is put on twenty four games in the USHL Cup championship was Fargo last year and in those hundred twenty four games he scored fifty eight goals you heard in our conversation with Bob this kind of a few times good average in LA us a bowl every two games that's good in any way Minnesota bursting up by diesel for skaters when it takes a away from the by the goaltender Morris was last inspected the process the Frenchman now is controlled by the D. army foreman they have a goal that was waved off beautifully interference by a forward and on top of the line generate more Minnesota he's got Walker trailer down there alone as it opens a changing on the goal the Walker monitors for your young kids are watching this game you just saw black used his warnings well used to point I really don't know the goal line and it is with a perfect back to bring put at the right point also off the boards just out of the reach of walk Donald of the circle Israel wants to few of this is called they were playing the five I was over your seasons one and then he is off to come into a golfer's it'll be whistle now as they finally gained possession we'll take a break come back for the game's first power play that will belong to.

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