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Western Canada may be mulling over its commitment to Canada. But if they're looking to separate they shouldn't ask their neighbors to the east for advice. That was the message today. Hey From Bloc Quebecois leader eve launched. Mr Blase was in Ottawa. Today meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when reporter asked him to weigh in on the idea idea of western independence. Here's that exchange for the record independence in the West as a province that has gone through it already. Wizard life likes to people in our burdens is scheduled where Meyer is giving that Cabanas. Already been through this discussion and then thing to create the green state in Western combat. I might be tempted. Twelve if they are trying to create an oil stinks turned into that big can expect him. He'll France. I still do believe that will do better when it becomes a country so I'm not the one that will fight to a nice United Canada but I will not out some parts of were throwing that good dream of some kind of maybe don't do as far as defendants and maybe they are. The building strong was issued for themselves. But I'm not in that position to government warned up to do and true national or international channels. Charles we will keep fighting decided to obsessively want to extract oil from the ground and may default wall from today. That's bloc Quebecois leader e-filed swab lingerie speaking to reporters in Ottawa..

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