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Muffins. It is nice to be with you this morning, Bruce. Will Elizabeth we are we are. We are not month muffins. Today we are Chris Aunt's place. We're person. That's right. Better or about you know Baguette. Patterson ever tell you the story of one day I convinced him to take a bag at home from work we had, you know, wonderful baguettes. I think they were from Belcourt. The studio one day and I said You should take this home like this is so good. I mean, take one of these home. Took it home, reached in his back seat like 20 times and ate the entire bag on the way home. We always joke likes. Do you can't be trusted with the bag out in the back seat of his car. I'm right there with them. They're so good. Can't resist bread. Then that just means that you have a soul. My friends? Yes means Okay, Let's talk about Bruce Willis calling not wearing a mask in Rite Aid and error in judgment. I mean, oh, no, like guys you don't have to like wearing them. Nobody has to like it. Everybody has to be excited for when it's done, and we don't have to wear them. But at the same time Can't just walk into a store right now and not wear a mask and expect that it's not gonna be an issue, particularly if you're Bruce Willis. Yeah, That's why I don't believe his apology because what's the apology? What did he say? What's the statement? He said It was an error in judgment. Well, come on everyone, and let's continue to mask up. You just forgot. Well, No, Because so he had this bandanna tied around his neck. You know that passes as a face covering on D was asked to leave the rite Aid after he refused to wear a mask and made customers and other employees upset. God, Dude, he's 65. I don't know. Yeah, I'm Erin judgment, Bruce. You knew? I mean, he knew before you walked in there. It's not an error of judgment. You you if you walk I've been walking into someplace and yes, Yes. I've got nothing on Yes. There you go. Yeah, that's his team going. We need to do some repair here. So you say you were wrong. There you go. Alec Baldwin has been quarantining for months in a separate house. Near his wife, Hilaria. Hillary Hillary Munenori s O. He's been staying in a different house while he goes back and forth into the city because this house is about a mile away from his family's Hamptons home. He's been in Amagansett, New York, and then the family is somewhere else, you know, because he's been going into the city and maybe they don't want to get everybody exposed. But this is kind of interesting amidst her scandal over her Spanish accent and claims about her heritage, which I still cannot get enough of It's the story we need to distract us from how horrible the world is right now. Yes, it reminds me of the old days when this would have been the only thing to talk about love The old taste, huh? Was wonderful. Most wonder what is the what is the English word for? How do you say you cucumber cook? Cucumber? How do you say Cucumber? Cucumber? Cucumber, though I forgot actually. Hold on. Let me ask Siri. Hold on a minute, Elizabeth. Let's just stop this turtle. Er Hey, Siri. What is the Spanish word for cucumber? Found two results in Spanish, If you mean melon vine grow, Fred Cylindrical green fruit you'd say when you said he was, If you mean cylindrical green fruit eaters, the vegetable Peppino Being a piano. You know, Peppino? Yeah, she said the first word a little too damn fast. I'm just gonna tell you, she said it a little more. She said it a little fast. And then I took like, eight years of Spanish. How did I not remember that? Yeah. Pepino Pepino. That's nice, baby. No, Here's the other one. He said he was what he said. He was Whatever you so fancy. She had posted a little birthday tribute to her boyfriend's A Malik. Saying team no sleep. They have a new baby and said Happiest birthday to ours. Adi Baba, So special, love you long time. Thank you for making me a mama to the best girl ever made is already one know his birthday. Oh, gosh. I was like he was saying that to him for his birthday. I know you're like how fast it is, babe. Everything when we're I don't know. It's like things seem like a really long time ago. But then it's just Yeah, I know. I keep saying that I came back from maternity leave, and I was expecting that everybody would have all this stuff handled. And said, it seems like it's gotten bored. Why not while I was gone? You guys were supposed to fix everything. Sorry, Elizabeth. We couldn't. That's not what happened. Did not do it. US Weekly is saying that Jason Sudeikis is hoping that Olivia Wilde will snap out of it. And that he's desperate to win her back. You know, they have two kids together. They were engaged for seven years, and she has left Jason Sudeikis and moved on with young pop Harry styles. And, um she's now wearing his pearls all about Jason Sudeikis is said to be very sad about this. Hmm. Well, yeah. I mean, that's a blow to the old ego, man. That's you know, it's something that women have been experiencing for generations. Yeah, husband leaves and hooks up with someone younger. And,.

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