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Signed me uh-huh fan. Yeah Three Amigos Anyway get there and I just was up for movie called go. You've seen love love go k. p. fichtner and got the part and there was like it was down to three of us on those. Forget it. It's getting really close and I got I got the call that I didn't get the GIG and all that sucks so that movie came out. I knew I wanted to see. It was so impressed with that director and I loved the movie. And here's thickener. All new shown is is APPs and all that shit and and doing in his thing and I just thought that that guy can frigging like. That's right. Ads can add those APPs. Connect and then not long after that perfect storm opens and dairies again. So I get off the plane I get your body right. You want to tell the rest now you walk onto that show. I walk and we'll go ahead so I'll set and really goes. Yeah you're with Bill. Get so go ahead so I looked over and I'm like I haven't worked with them before but I knew it was I said. Hey how's it going and goes which Namus Abilities Kevin and we from Buffalo. He said go savers. I was like all right. We've got a French. No Man that was it. We got a hockey guy yet. There's a song that talks folks about Saskatoon back to Saskatoon Sing. Another prairie tone was by the Was it in the movie slap shot Love Pat on movies that moves egging high. No I think something about Saskatoon in a song song in that in that movie slapshot yes underrated. Well it's not under reality more rated now. It's got cloud cult cult big the legend status movie with him in violent bill. You must have worked with Paul on an HBO Mini Series called Emperor Falls Yep and We started tell the story NOGGIN. So sorry started in early August and it was gonNA shoot right up until two days before thanksgiving. Think shooting it in Waterville in Scou- hige in Maine. So of course you know the first day I go on said Paul's there and I see him up on a ladder and I'm watching. I'm thinking as the coolest guy he had all. He was about seventy eight at the time. Long grey hair thousand four. 'cause because I think he passed an eight or seven seven eight past like three or four years after wrapped it and find the Song Max Fan so I got sorry I got I got to talking to him and you know of course you know as soon as I met him. You know talk racing. I remember He was going to stay in a house. It wasn't quite ready on a lake so he was living across the hall from me and the days in in off of I ninety five knocked on the door one day it was four thirty in the afternoon. There's Paul standing there and he's like Hey WanNa go to dinner means you win Mike. This is Paul Newman as we want to go to dinner with him and I was like yes Paul I would like to cut. He goes I thought he was going to go. You know seven o'clock or something we'll go out relieving about fifteen minutes. Ah Okay all right. Let's go to dinner. We got to talk about racing and most weekends he would leave to go wherever ever. The Newman Haas team was racing. But there was one week and I think that was the India team the team right and I think there was a race that was in Mexico City and couldn't make it there because he had to work Friday to a Monday so he said to me. Do you WanNa Watch the race at the house. I'M GONNA get a flat screen setup and we're going to the however they hooked it up Fast Eddie. His assistant was that was his name. And you know I don't. I never met Paul or really anybody. In the in the Fam- never met anybody their cars. Yes me too. Do you WANNA come over and watch the race with me. I'm like absolutely so I stopped at a stand a little farm stand and I bought a pie. Forget I would take it if we're going to have lunch. Watch the the thing. I couldn't find his house. I didn't have a cell signal. Finally find the dirt roads on. I see Paul standing out driving his floppy hat fast. Eddie holding the umbrella umbrella pouring rain and two of them are standing there. Paul's wave and over here. I get their hands in the Pie. And he's like what is that. It's Cherry Pie goes. Okay Okay Bill went inside. There were two rocking chairs and a big flat screen and and the race and we had a beer and he had a little gin and I had a beer. We wise men the race. Wow the song a little bit south of Saskatoon James on the soundtrack of slapshot but little. Oh my God it's just a bit south of Saskatoon. Yeah AW board and rude two little girls name with Gene Ceska to never never played. That song never heard that song just knew when I heard that was in that movie somewhere cool. Wow we're looking at newman and Had had Harris and billy recognize you all right. Let me hit gyco then we'll take a break. They do a little.

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