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Virginia commonwealth university in richmond virginia law how did that it wrapped out moved to los angeles collegedropout your dude you're basically kanye west yeah same career trajectories aim witchhunt after sent the uh yeah uh i think like flashbacks right now no regrets i have i have don't have any regrets i i honestly i don't regret anything like there's more shit i regret post moving to los angeles than i do during college really yeah because wall 'cause i regret that public staff were than any i mean like just like doing dumb wall just like when i first moved to la i used to like where a backpack onstage she's backed by ember you know i i'm i feel still feel like i'm trying to escape that the backpacker of the popsicle pick oh well that is another thing is when yugo me the first picture that comes up is like a very unflattering photos john never surge on am i don't have a search will name i give you search jack wagner there's known on the actor the soap opera actor there's a soap opera actor yeah i've had your jokes my entire life like the same without actually recently somebody on twitter 'cause there wasn't as there's there's a there's an actor named brain and wardell but i i've quite nervous lyomoki in hot too you know i've surpassed men cloud and i just got tagged in a pick of him like i get accidentally tagged oh my god bogey adler google jack wagner and it's all this other guy absolutely do is get a blessing and while that's huge i don't get that us if anybody's lie all if anybody.

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