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Known this okay you being Scott and will Clark This is from our friends over at the news and Tribune. In Jeffersonville right dateline twenty one hours ago, after a year of film traffic stops police chases Enron. Rowdy residents the Jeffersonville police department. Quietly. Dismissed live PD cameras in April Assistant chief Michael McVay on Thursday The reality show which films the actions of cops all across the country on Friday and Saturday nights started filming in Jeffersonville in two thousand seventeen show was broadcast, on a live on a five sees me. A five to twenty minute delay it, was a good one year run and it. Wasn't anything negative or anything bad that happened said McCoy who was in charge, of coordinating with the show runners the city did what. Is set out. To accomplish mayor Mike more goal an told more when JP trial I agreed to sign on was to show the world what police officers. Go through on a. Daily, basis it's my. Friday, Goto I'm they're both nights. Well we, work but, no action you know quite honestly it all kinds of looks the same except for Amazon. Is always like highway traffic stops let me, we work half days on Friday so I, go home and then you know no one's home to, jump on the couch TV on. Pillow blanket lay. There and watch in I mean it's a great I liked her little half hour shows because they've got the half hour shows that's because. I've got now what's it, called police came. Where, they go back on the. Body camera, videos people, are because there's there's an abundance of body camera videos that you don't see where it's. Just routine traffic stops people making an abundant, support decisions right which right for whatever reason, just amuses me immensely I think it's hilarious You can almost see the anatomy. Of a stupid decision coming you see the? Cop asking a question you see the person getting figures like. Something stupid and then it happened so it's great TV it's fantastic I'll be interested who they replace it and honestly like your Jefferson Jeffersonville it does. Them? A service? And people get, to see what they. Go through every day Show helped me guys another's moon shiners. Whatever the name of that show is that. One never took off though, that was kind. Of that was, almost I mean would that be interesting. If they went back into the boonies of North. Carolina or northern South Carolina and started finding a moon China's long. With the moon Shanna, thing I couldn't. Get on board with because it almost that was, almost too scripted I. Sat down and tried to watch. That I'm talking about the unscripted like live chases, that'd be well you talking about chasing moonshine live moonshine they can do that on the show they have now Yeah Place but, possibly I, mean who would watch that around? Here that's just a. Weakened bullet? County That's nice and not? Very accurate they don't they don't They don't sell moonshine. In bullet. County legally I. Mean as far as I know they don't there's a ton. Of good reality TV market iheartmedia dot com not take any. Responsibility for what comes out of his mouth but I think I think a and, he has hit a home run with, this and this has got some staying power and I'll be interested to see, who who takes over for, Jeffersonville because honestly after you see enough communities you're starting. To get into the l. we've. Met before I've seen that, happen with Jeffersonville, they're like a women. Before and I'm like I've. Seen that dude there are some frequent flyers Sure there are I have a community I think it's a Missouri, yeah we're Dan Abrahams who is with, ABC you hear him from time to time as their legal and the host, of the show yeah and, they'll help preface the segments kind of you know bring. Up to speed on what you're. Seeing it was oh here's, somebody that we've, met a couple of. Weeks ago on the show Pretty much. At the same place doing the same thing that got them in trouble the latest time and you can see. Where they actually run into like. Dead. Zones in the shows now they're doing these this. Person. Is missing. Feature and which is. A good thing don't get. Me, wrong but you, gotta have Phil you gotta but you can tell they're starting to hit dead zones and and that's okay so. I'll, be interested to see who steps up and, takes because, you basically you have Arizona Jeffersonville South Carolina. There are, no, Paso Paso Passos interesting because you got a lot of like border type Down. To Tijuana, let me see San Diego PD's is a six ten NewsRadio eight forty w. h s a couple. Of things are going to be working on the next is going to be a government shutdown will happen President Trump says he's willing to shut down.

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