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Of triaging have all kinds of disinfecting systems in and you tell us what happens how it progresses what happened to Mr Vincent this energy bill the treatment no he's still in the hospital at the time why why don't they send it to you okay so at that time the the discussion because this is fab okay okay let me just put it that way he is part of this clinical stuff Vincent is family this is what makes it so difficult to contain a bold the symptoms of sweating vomiting and bleeding they also spread the virus and if it's hard enough for a doctor to take care of their own in a hospital imagine for a second what it's like in the home trying to take care of the sick love one in Liberia if if a child is sick and the mother is there the first thing she would lose touch okay she will hold she will try to feed she will try to get through and even if you tell her is dangerous she will definitely do it and so that's why the public health intervention of not touching and not caring and not all of those it didn't work out from the beginning okay because mothers especially mothers you have to in in in West Africa you have to tell them all kinds of things and and one of the ways the public health guys did it what to tell them if you touch you should put a plastic bag on your hands if you told them not to touch at all it wasn't really happening just like Liberian mothers all over the country Dr Ireland faced a dilemma what now how could he help Stephen Vincent now that he tested positive for Ebola I had people telling me to stay away from foods and but then again it's like that's your colleague okay so you've been working with these guys for many years and then all of a sudden he sick over life threatening virus and then I didn't feel too good about that dole is extremely contagious and the rest of the hospital staff was legitimately scared Dr island kept reminding himself that all we had to do was follow proper protocols and reliance training when he was caring for Stephen Vincent once I was so tired and I listen to his chest and I remember the stethoscope on my neck and I wanted disinfected I don't know probably touch.

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