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They could be working on filling in that huge sinkhole that happened that should start in just a couple of minutes there be with us until about three o'clock this afternoon Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the threes right snowing here in Boston there let's check in on the four day WBZ accu weather forecast right now here's meteorologist dean devore yeah and it's this is the struggle bus of being a meteorologist I mean to me and and said that sense is just more like snow showers I know it's kind of heavy in the visibility is down the good news is that these are mostly just this morning there will be some places where it sticks many places that I see close to the city where this is happening the temperatures aren't that bad in terms of having the possibility of some icing as temperatures are in the upper thirties to near forty but there are some of these outer areas where the temperatures just below freezing and there could be some slick spots of snow showers watch for slick response this morning and then quite chilly the rest of the day clouds some sun this afternoon Jeff upper forties real feels in the thirties cold and chilly tomorrow real feels in the thirties to near forty again most of the day and we've got some significant rain and possibly some wet snow mixing in or even a period of wet snow outside the city outside of one twenty four ninety five tomorrow night into Saturday some of those inches could see an inch or two will keep an eye on that system and snow showers this morning on WBZ bosses usually have few snow flakes here in Boston right now just thirty nine degrees at six fifty six on the ring central news line will for business owners times are undoubtedly tough but for some this might be an opportunity to reboot the company it's something that's gone through most business owners mine.

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