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This one off to the left limited kind of tell you a little bit about bomb and if you think a bomb is being kind of old school in so many ways and yet no he's he's totally cutting and she wants to know everything there is to know and any possible way where he can be as good as it could be even better than he's been yep very very true I want to here's the set and the pitch pickers it bounces one toward the middle ranging Florida is right the second basemen Escobar TA get a digital centerfield Longoria digging for third the throw from mark today these off line in late anyway Alex stickers and did they had a real hard dole back to back to out singles for the chance maybe a first and third was even vote coming up Andrea that's really known for his base running but watch that would bounce on through into center field he knew that he had a great chance to get to third and he made it there plus my drawing this role is always the possibility that the training runner Dickerson in this case maybe could end up at second base although he didn't who knows maybe it's bad throw Stephen Vogt pulls one sharply following the first pitch from leakage on one a ground ball single in the first and again the only run of the game so far one nothing giants the third now we hit the ground ball right through the vacant shortstop hole this time is still being almost up the middle Ahmed is shaded toward the middle but still back over near shortstop instead so now vote should just sit right up the middle he bounces it instead on one quick copper.

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