President Trump, Senator Mitch Mcconnell, Senate discussed on Bill Cunningham


Today. Fairfield high school police said as a threat was posted to social media yesterday. They're investigating new arrests have been made yet if you saw emergency vehicles this morning Muller highschool or heard what sounded like gunfire in the area that was all part of an active shooter drill heavily county. Sheriff and sycamore township fire department worked on the disaster training with. Violent crime on the decline in Cincinnati. Police have crunch the numbers from last year report a seventy percent decrease from two thousand seventeen overall crime in the cities at its lowest level in eight years homicides, down sixteen percent last year and the number of total shooting victims dropped eighteen percent deal. Could be close down to keep the government open and provide money for border security for members on both sides of the all when I say, we are grateful to our colleagues on the appropriations committee for their leadership or eager to see them complete this work conduct Senator Mitch McConnell. The Senate majority leader says he hopes the Senate will act on the legislation in short order. However, we don't know if this is acceptable to the president acting overnight Trump said that they're setting the stage, but insisted that the wall is being built. But this new deal does not give the president the funding that he's been demanding. Instead, it would provide just one point three seven billion dollars for fencing and other physical barriers that would allow for fifty five miles of new structure. That's a fraction of the two hundred miles that the president has been insisting on. That's ABC's. Karen Travers new festival coming in all the Kentucky. This fall Kentucky's edge bourbon conference and festival to take place. Tober fourth and fifth at locations all over Covington a newborn.

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