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The hormonal I you d Those hormones once they're in your body they all go to the same place And the thing is in the book in the and that place is everywhere. The places everywhere. Blood travels Because that's how hormones work there there you can think of hormones is being like the bodies broadcast. PA system right. It's like they're like a loudspeaker they get Once they're in the body they go into the bloodstream and what they do they go every place that blood travels. And then if there's a hormone receptor cell in that area of the body it's GonNa get picked up in red. I'm it's GonNa Change what the cells are doing in that part of the body. And so you can't you know in you can't use for example a hormonal iud and then only habit acting locally on The ovaries which by the way a number of women. I can't even tell you the number of women that I've spoken with Who've had the experience in having their doctors tell them that either the hormonal IUD or the vaginal ring that died dot? They wouldn't have as many you know quote unquote side effects Because they're acting locally. That's before what I mean. It's just like it's like basic physiology. It just doesn't work that way. It absolutely doesn't work that way. The the hormones will travel everywhere. That blood goes in the mechanism for action. Action again with hormonal. Contraceptives is the brain. Because it's telling the hypothalamus. which is the part of the brain that regulates our menstrual cycles? It's telling the hypothalamus like Hey There isn't you know well the message. Sending is sort of similar to the hormonal message that our body gets during the second half or the Ludi phase of the menstrual cycle which is having a relatively high level of progesterone relative to estrogen the birth control. Pill we'll works by administering these synthetic progestin at a level that's higher than estrogen. So that gets read by the hypothalamus Thomas as like. Oh there's an egg that has been released and we're just waiting to see whether or not we're pregnant right now and when the brain gets that message it doesn't stimulate the ovaries to release a new egg. 'cause they're waiting and seeing you know to see whether or not this egg that was just released is going to get fertilized and so when you take the birth control pill and you get this study does of hormones. That's the message that your brain is receiving like don't stimulate ovulation because there's an egg that's out there or that. Were waiting to see what happens with And so that the mechanism of action for the pill in terms of shutting down ovulation. Is The hypothalamus in the brain. And so the I dea that somehow by some magical process right If you use a vaginal ring or a hormonal. Ud that the messages his own being read by the ovaries or the Or the uterus is absurd and because that's just not how hormones work I mean like. I said they're the broadcast. PA VA system. There are like radio you know like once they're in the body are everywhere. You can't You know you can't you can't target those facts in this means means that you know when we take the birth control pill we need to be aware of the fact that it's going to be influencing every single one of our body systems that are influenced by sex sex hormones and the thing that women you know we don't spend a lot of time thinking about but it's actually it's it's what makes us so amazing Is that So many systems in our body like I can't think of one off the top of my head that isn't sensitive to different levels sales of sex hormones and the reason for this is because almost every system in our body has required a work around for pregnancy like for example our circulatory system when we're pregnant has to do a whole host of different things in a dozen were not pregnant. Our immune system has to do a whole host of different things more report and compared to or not pregnant our digestive system. I mean I could go on an honor circulatory lobby Blah right and because of this so many of our body systems. Those are sensitive to levels of sex hormones because they had to have been. It's like our body is able to do all of the amazing things that it can do. I'm including like creating creating people pretty awesome. You know I'm pretty awesome thing to be able to do but it also means that. A most of our bodies systems are sensitive. Ah levels of sex hormones and so when you're changing a woman's profile of sex hormones like we do with the birth control pill I mean it's just has absolutely pervasive effects on the body and they're not like all horrible and scary. It's not like that. It's not like making somebody so different that they don't recognize themselves themselves at all But it does change women in so we need to get. We need to take it seriously right which is so crazy. Going back to what you said before is like we shouldn't have to attain an advanced degree in order to understand our bodies but if someone doesn't have an advanced degree in human physiology or nutrition or anything like this and then they go to their OBGYN and they say okay. Well if you get you know the copper IUD or if you get the hormonal monae ud or the vaginal ring any of these things. It's better because it's localized to your uterus. And you're not going to experience as many side effects. The people take that at face value. Because if you're going to your doctor and your doctor says one thing why would I not believe this. You know it's so tough. Yeah it is so tough I I just think that it's I think it's a I think. A tragedy I mean I think this is like a different soapbox Is related to them. Look but it's also. I know that it's something that you're very passionate about two. It's like I don't think it's like our in our country. We have so many people who are so sick you know. And and and and they're they're not healthy and You know in there because you're not eating right and not like I don't know how to care for our bodies because we're taught absolutely nothing about how they work and because of this is like we're rely we have to rely on. The pharmaceutical company is right to be telling us how to take care of our bodies as because we don't understand basic You know sort of physiological processes in the body and I say this from an absolute position -sition privilege because I haven't you know appeal and I was able to learn all these nets terrible that this isn't like basic education. I mean I think and one of the things I'm very passionate about is educating people about the design of the body in the design of the mind cause I think when we understand how we work we take better care of ourselves and I think that it's not that we don't teach this stuff you know like basic nutrition basic physiology how the brain communicates indicates with itself and the rest of the body To people starting really early mccamley swap out some of those history from those history classes or something or visit. I mean I don't know but I I really think that we would all be so much like it would improve our wellbeing and improve our health all so much if we just were taught how we work and why we work that way so that way we were able to make more informed sort of thoughtful decisions about what is that we're doing with our bodies yeah definitely There's definitely some space in there to move things around. I don't know about you but from probably primary school all the way through high school every single year. We had American history to the point where you could probably recite the things that we he had been taught because we were taught the same thing so many times over. It's like okay. We understand that history is important and we need to talk about all these things but at the same time. We're talking about the same thing so many times that. Why don't we just insert one of these glasses there so we can take things that are going to be more pertinent to our everyday lives and taking taking care of ourselves in our health then just these kind of abstract ideas that we're learning about continuously? Yeah I know right like I totally get the whole the thing about you know if you don't learn history than you'll repeat it or whatever but totally trunk eight that into a much shorter sequence than what it is and make room for some dislike basic education on basic health education. Like how you work. How your brain works? How systems work so that way we can become released smart consumers You know an MBA. Able to take maximal care of our bodies because I do really You know I didn't learn about even how my menstrual cycle worked. And and the way that you know my hormones changed over the cycle and that it was really only fertile. Oh for maybe five days during the summer. I didn't learn any of this. I'm in the role that the different sex hormones that have play in terms of my psychological functioning and how I think how I I feel like what I do. How attractive to men all these other things? I didn't learn about any of this stuff until I was in graduate school. I was just GonNa say I don't think I did either until I was in Grad School. uh-huh yeah and so I really Part of the book in since since you know you read it you know like the you know the first couple. Ebola chapters of the book are just really introducing women to the way that their bodies in their hormones work to create the experiences of being who they are in trying to bridge back gap in give Because I think all women should have this information about about how they work. Because I think that if you don't have that it it does make it difficult for you to really make informed decisions about about what to do. You're at the mercy of your doctor to be telling you what you should be doing without having all of the without having all the facts and so I really wanted to get this information out to women and So that way they're able to be in control and be somebody who's like a co-pilot in along with their doctor in decisions about what they're going to be doing for fertility regulation because right now women are you know more or less at the mercy of what their doctors telling them and if their doctor is an informed about in particular the psychological affects the pill. Women just have to you know. Listen to what their doctors is telling them and not be able to even explain what's happening inning with themselves right. And then what makes this even more complicated is that. The pill is not one-size-fits-all like no form of birth control is one-size-fits-all and I really liked how you gave a lot of different examples in the book of how one pill or method of birth control can affect people in many any different ways so like the one that you were taking for a really long time. was you know until you kind of have this awakening. It seemed pretty fine. You know like no huge extreme side effects or anything thing but then when your friend went on she basically had like psychotic trip. Yeah Yeah and and that's exactly I mean that's the thing right. Is that Hormones Jones because they influence every cell in your body that has receptors for those hormones. When you take it it's like a flip a billion switches on and off in your body body And each one of us because our body chemistry is different. The number of hormone receptors that we have different on the Hor- our existing hormonal profiles vials different or neurotransmitters is there's so many ways that we differ from one another and the science isn't in a good place yet where we can make good predictions about which which individual women are going to respond which way to which formulation of the birth control pill and because of this when you go on the pill because it's switching a billion in different switches on and off throughout your body And the way that those which is get flipped is a little bit idiosyncratic from person to person You really have to to become an expert in your own experiences. Entrust your own experiences and know that even if they aren't written on on the you know the prescription label that that they're real for you and yet one of the examples. They gave him the book to illustrate. Just how radio syncretic this whole process of finding the right birth control pill is is on the pill that I was on After I had my after I had my son And I loved it was great I felt I felt you know like I said when I went off of it I felt more alive and more vibrant and everything else but I had no problem along with this pill that I was on in In it didn't affect my moods negatively or anything else But a good friend of mine went on the same pill And and she had a psychotic episode. She ended up in the emergency room because she was asking people if she could cut them open to see if they were real because she thought everybody was an imposter. I mean it was really crazy. Thing that happened and The doctors actors in the Er couldn't figure out what the problem was and so finally. They just told her because she had just started this new he'll regiment and the doctor was like I don't think it's your breath Nicole Talbot. Why didn't you stop taking it? And just see what happens and then sure enough..

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