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And he said not showing up is it like Cammarata at all. In fact, he said if she was stuck in traffic, and there's going to be ten minutes late for her job at the dollar tree. She would call him and tell him that's how responsible the person she is. He does have three children though, her estranged husband is the one who has custody of them. She has a boyfriend. He is the one who called the police about her disappearance. The police spoke to him. And at this moment, they say they don't suspect any foul play. But they would like to talk to her to just to make sure she's okay? Carol d'auria ten ten wins live on Staten Island wins news time, twelve oh. Four. Four. Funeral is scheduled this hour in Princeton junction, New Jersey for Samantha Josephson. She was the university of South Carolina senior who was killed last week after getting into a car. She thought was an Uber. Her father's see more. It's all wwl TV that people need to take precautions when they call an Uber and rather than just posting the cars, make license number and driver's name. He'd like to see something even simpler on the ride hailing apps had something on the car that on the app that you can put it up to read a bar. And if it's green, that's my car the thread. No sound my car, I'm backing away. Surveillance video to identify the car she got into and that led them to the suspect. Twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel Roland police say Josephson cell phone was found in the car along with bleach. Djerma Seidel wipes and window cleaner. Roland is charged.

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