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But then again, you know, only got a few books that so I failed if things keep going like they are. And I keep fighting books than things are going to be good. So I'm relatively happy. His there any is there any reason outside of the outset of creating sort of a self? I guess a self-perpetuating group of friends for yourself. Is there any reason to read and write books? Do you think they're gonna be a effective in the future? So I don't I genuinely don't know. Whether people are going to be reading words, but. The book is a is the most. Sort of direct brain to brain interface. We've got a moment because you're allowing the reader to faces tool of the carrots, and you're not limited by budget. You know, you can just write whatever you can imagine in whatever that Brian can accept. So I think that. I'm writing stories in book form, but I could imagine. You know? So another thing I see often is the way I'm as in behaves with with books with other things is is really tough on content creators, but at the same time, you know, almost everything is in a good any fame has been made into a film in a video game in a series, and and really gonna run out soon because we're going back when it's not been written at the pace that has been turned into other forms of media. So this is another thing I used to myself up, you know, at some point in the future. Maybe they live really goes to the barrel. Look. So you're hoping that you're hoping for the for the worst case scenario, right? No. I mean, I just think that the stories, and again, I try and white good stories that people like rather than just pumping out lots of books because I think that yet as the long term. Game plan that I'm most interested in. All right perfect. What does the world look like in twenty years? I think you're in Switzerland. Maybe it looks like Switzerland. Honestly, sometimes when I'm walking in the city, you will in the country. So I'd hear a new to see like lake on on both sides of it, does some nice very clean pleasant times. And then it picks up to a Madison, then it goes down. Again, you've got town in lake in the town amounted. It just feels like the interior of sums of space hepatitis let this this is good as it gets United Site. I hope the world looks like Switzerland in twenty years time. I mean, if you ask in about the world we live in. I think it's probably in twenty twentieth. Time gonna be not significantly better. Maybe have turned to corner, and it will start to get better. But we've got such a lot of inertia making it worse. Moment. But I think that. Longer term does the potential for it to just become totally idyllic. That's yet years is a difficult time. We've got to find out what would do involving we've got to start influencing fixes, and those are probably going to be bandaids in the short term, which may be not. So pretty. Yes. Well, the SaaS me about fifty fifty years, it's going to be a it's gonna be it's gonna look like like, Switzerland. We're gonna be inside a tube just sailing around with mountains. And and some of us actually will be chewed. Late to end is. All right. Toby weston. So it said Toby Weston dot net where your books are folks. Get grad cingular's children there's three books out. And you've got a next when's the next one coming up? Aiming for next year. But, but yeah, maybe maybe it's lips bet, and I have to release a novella to fill the gap. So let's see. All right. Thanks for joining us on this pretty cool. That was great. Thanks very much. Joining did you say..

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