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They were the ones who need so bad. Comedian when they're like iran then comedian your hyphenated last name. That'd be you're like. I'm not even a comedian. Tax broker like ridiculous people looking me on shows. Comedians should name themselves like the people from inked mass pink master. He's want people to have comedy comedy cheese hurt or something like yeah right. that's fun. that's fun. But i was just thinking what would what would you guys want your tattoo names to be if you were attached to artist. Choose third nate. Would cheesed heard. He's decided i like that name. I don't know irish. What do you think you would like my wait. Wait wait wait. Wait the reason my name would be cheese turns because my signature tattoo would be a cheese with little holes in it and like squeezed through grabby like my trademark. That's disguise anyway. Go ahead is next. I was gonna say iras. What do you think when you go with for your tattooist name it should. I don't know if you if you wanted to the media. Thought i have is iris. Law is so she'd be something with the. I you know like i like like eyelash like you like like i you know i. I r- is isis. But that'll get. You can't use that and we still can't do that. There were people named there are people naming someone named isis or poor thing. I don't know. I guess my name would probably have to be like. I think i'd go the be tat route. And i go like more of like a hip hop name 'cause my last name starts with a g. and that's very good like little tat our our going to be like g hats with zero or something would be like i be drawn ally c. Ohearing diaby. that's already there. You go heavy. You gotta learn how to to yes. Imagine like one of the canvases because the cameras were the people and they just randomly like a skull or whatever and flipping that was a little dehumanizing. Pick your canvas. dave navarro was like inspect your cans. Who do you want him to like. Like what in later seasons. The winner of the flash challenge gets to pick their canvas and they get Goals out so they can with their opponent. Give them like they're really hard. Kaunda truly better keep watching. It's a good show. I think you'll enjoy this. Keep watching also did anybody else. Notice that dave navarro looked like a bobble head a lot of the time he did. He's got a very big head his body think his when he wears heel to that firm he does. He gets his lifts in his shoes. He has to be like just openly has like three inch. Yeah wasn't there like was it. Tom jones that had things like inserted in his shoes to make him seem to alter my tom. Jones was very short. Yeah and maybe it was wayne. Newton anger wayne new. Somebody curated had the lifts in the shoes so it still looks like regular kinda shoes. They just yeah. This is actually a thing. I've done extensive research on. Because when i was eighteen i was all like. Are they going to do something about this height shit seasons with stuff. I even look at that surgery. Were they extend your knees. And you can't walk for like yeah. Yeah so yeah. The nanny i worked for the family that the dad was for ten til yeah. All the kids were short and he kept trying to get them hormone therapy to make them glow human growth hormone shit and the doctors kept by. I kept finding refusal letters like we don't think it's safe for you to your children. Like hormone therapy dude. I had a. I had a cousin that had to do that But she's a fucking bitch. So i don't care also was like super scared of little people because she thought she was going to be a little person and i'm like fuck dial you'd probably be nicer if you were a little person because you'd face more adversity you stupid fucking bitch. I really don't like. I don't know if you guys could tell i. Never watch the surreal life when verne troyer was on this one where they had. They did some children's charity. Like i'm really scared of children because they're bigger than control like their impulses. Yup he was like really afraid of child was to accidentally kill him. Yeah he was zuber scared. That was awful to watch but yeah it was still funny when he got drunk but dude like. I don't know this show was the was. It's like a america's next top model but tattoos. And i agree but also they didn't do black face on ink master so we don't we don't know look up the judge oliver pack last really and the thing is he was tap. Bondi's i have been an shoes. Also involved with jesse james who owned the land. Some kind of racist thing. I remember that guy. He had a show to right. Yeah okay. Yeah yeah so anyway. That's why ink master got cancelled. Sara still like in sock over here. Talk black looking. No yeah i see. There's like an in on his chest. He's wearing a shirt with them in. I forgot about that could drive it home. He was like. I don't think we're going to get the joke shirt. So i am watching my hands clean of that guy. Holy shit. that's way. Worse than justin trudeau completeness. Let's not compare black faces scam like his was. I thought just in the league. That's what i'm saying is like i thought justin trudeau's was offensive foul. Honestly i feel like okay. I'll just say this looking at the two justin trudeau but justin trudeau. Seemed like more of a young person. Who's been.

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