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Is one of the stars of all that a Nickelodeon. She's also rising star herself. She's an actor. She's a musician. Gabrielle Naevia. Green is gonna be on the Nickelodeon telecast, and she also joins us. So, guys Welcome to the show. Noah, first off. How you doing? Dad, I'm doing well, man. How are you? We have a clip that we play on the show Where mad dog Russo confused. No eagle for being my son. However, Noah's like, five years younger than me, so it wouldn't the math isn't quite work out. So, but it's good tea. Have you here? No. Always good to have an eagle aboard. We just had your dad on the show. I think last week Yeah, I saw that. And I'm glad he brought the juice for usual, but everything is good man. I'm glad to be on hope you're doing well, and we're excited for this weekend's gonna be a lot of fun. Gabrielle. Great to have you here on the show. Just 15 years old and already doing amazing things. How are you doing getting ready for this playoff game? Hey, Good morning, and we're excited to be here even more excited about Sunday. It's something that I've never done Some Sunday exercise my new muscle, All right, this is cool. So let's get into it because you guys have two different Vantage point sports and the Nickelodeon party thing so no, we'll start with you. What's the latest song or dance? You're working on for Tic Tac. Look, d a. You know, you know that my moves the roles polished. I have a state ready mentality. So I'm gonna be ready. Whatever comes my way, if we are ready to go with a tic tac dance. I'm locked in. I'm zoned in s O. I'm excited because I've already asked Abby and I will ask Lex Lumpkin, who's gonna be on the sideline as well to help me and direct me in my tic tac experience. I'm still somewhat new to the app. I'm still trying to learn how to best navigate my way. I'm looking forward to those two shaping what will be my tic tac identity because it's coming. It's coming, but the public's gonna see it at some point. Yeah, I feel like it's I think it's on the horizon here. Gabby Gabby, That's so extra by Noah. Let me ask you, Gabby. If the Bears lose this game, would you bring back mixed Robiskie next season? You know what? I'm really rooting for the Saints. I'm really where's of the saint Because I do have family in New Orleans. And I think that'd be really cool for them. Tol win so So we'll be watching what happens on Sunday. We'll see. Okay. All right. No over to you. What would be your order at the Krusty Krab? Yeah, I mean, that's that's not even a quiet. That's a loaded question. Okay, it's across. It's a crappy patty and nothing else. I need to know the secret formula. We don't need to know the secret, but It's about his wanted as that seems pass rush. I can't get past it. So there's no there's no getting into the Krusty Krab and their secrets. Mr. Crabb has it unlocked. And we'll see what marshaling Lattimore does the same. You see, this is what I like to call in the business of synergy that we brought to the table for you. D a. We're going with professional Segways professional teases. And yet we still do it with fun, So it's going to be exciting. Well done. Gabby over to you. Do you think Taysom Hill could be a franchise quarterback? You? I see what you knew. And yes, he was settling here. Oh, you know. He's a very good quarterback. That's my best life. Uh, answer to that one. But Well, except that well except on the lingo here. Very good. Noah. What's the perfect? That's your idea of a perfect date Jelly fishing with Patrick or poking fun? It's squid word. Mm. I can't go wrong with either of those two but D a I the jellyfish mentality. Uh, Mr Reliable, old, reliable as jellyfish. Next, SpongeBob would be called. He is what I would compare to Alvin Kamara, Mr Reliable, those who are always there when you need them. And honestly, Taysom Hill could be included in that as well to answer the initial question. Franchise quarterback. I don't know but reliable. Absolutely. And Sean Payton has used him as the safety net as well. So we're gonna connect everything. I think that's the fun of this game and Whether or not we're gonna have the energy of Chris Mad Dog, Russo declaring. I'm your son. That should not even be a question. I think all of that will be included in this weekend's game. And no, I would say the perfect date. So jelly fishing without a doubt, Although I would have a third option that would be correct. Hey, with Sandy cheeks, schools from section Yeah. Okay. No Eagle. Gabrielle in the Via Green are gonna be on the telecast for Nickelodeon, along with Nate Burlison and Lex Lumpkin, which is very cool for bears and Saints. Final question. For Gabby right now, on the football side of things. Alvin Kamara Derrick Henry, who's the more valuable running back to their team? I think he's gonna pull through. I think he's gonna pull through. Good answer. Okay? That was if this one family feud by the way. This was family feud That would be number one on the board. Okay, okay. Have you know? I'm just joking with you. So let me ask you about sliming people. Because on this telecast, I have been informed there will be slime. You tell me. You're the Nickelodeon veteran. You know this inside it out who or when can we expect the slime on Sunday? You know, it's not Nickelodeon without smile that does he like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. It doesn't make sense. So course is gonna be a climb on Sunday's gonna be virtual Slam cannons going off in the players to the text found and it's gonna be so many different. Nick seemed elements throughout the show that you guys are really gonna love let us they turned on. That smile, of course, is gonna show up. I like this Noah football wise. This is such an interesting matchup for the Bears. We saw them start off the season hot. Nobody believed in them. And then they fell on hard times already said, Oh, here's the real bears. They collapse. We don't need them in the playoff picture, and then they crawl back into the playoff picture as the Cardinals and Dove kind of collapsing themselves. So what do think of bears mentality is like coming into this game. I think a lot of people didn't want to even see them here. Yeah, I look if I am Chicago going into this game, a farm at Maggie and missed Robiskie Mentality should be proved that we belong here at 18 8, almost limping into the playoffs has mentioned they played some good football down the stretch, and ever since Mitch too risky. Re took the reins at quarterback, It seems look like their mentality has shifted. David Montgomery's been healthy. They've decided feed the ball that David and let him control possession and that's worked. He's really played well. The offensive line, which is Put together by some spare parts at this point, due to some injuries due to some other unforeseen circumstances, they got a couple undrafted rookies starting on their offensive line and playing well. Don't know their name. Alice Bars and sand must defer have done a good job filling in and David Montgomery has has taken the reins, and he's done his part. And so if they can control possession, but the defense has plenty of pieces..

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