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Some showers still in the bay area today turning to a chance of showers later this afternoon and a slight chance of thunderstorms highs generally in the mid to upper fifties today in the sacramento valley after some morning rain showers there are still some showers likely this afternoon even possibility of thunderstorm or two highs today in sacramento fifty three to fifty eight welcome to forum i'm michael krasny california state assembly member travis allen joins me the segment to talk about his run to succeed jerry brown governor of california he's republican he represents california's seventy second assembly district in orange county and before joining the legislature in two thousand twelve he had a twenty year career as a certified financial planner we're going to talk to him about a number of issues and positions that he holds and we certainly want to hear from you in response to what he has to say we'll also hear about his plan to as he puts it take back california and we're waiting for travis allen to join us we expect to get him on the air with us in a matter of seconds here certainly hope that's the case i to mention right away that we had talked earlier this week with john cox who is also a candidate for the republican nomination for governor johncock said that he is the only true conservative running and that's exactly what travis allen says that he is the only two conservative writing so we'll find out what is what he has to say about that we'll also talk with them about taxes he's been a very strong advocate against taxation and has been very critical about the united the california position on taxation been very critical to put it mildly about governor brown in fact i think we have a kite about donald trump president trump talking about california in general i it i'd like to hear this because they're pretty much conforms to a state assembly member allen's position grams done a very poor job running california they have the highest taxes in the united states.

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