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Only a month later in November of two thousand eight. Anthony once again went hunting this time. He seized fifty two year. Old Tonia Carmichael as she roamed the streets looking for drugs just like the others. Anthony was able to lure the woman into his home at strangle her. Possibly using extension cord Anthony started to believe he was bullet proof he beamed as he wandered the halls of his crumbling house rife with decay and desolation to him it was a glorious monument to his dominance and depravity the feeling of power lead. Anthony to grow even more reckless. He believed he could do whatever he wanted and would no longer bother charming victims. If they didn't immediately seem interested he'd simply take what he wanted flush with confidence. Anthony step outside his home. In December of two thousand eight with his head held high he returned to the bus. Stop down the street and approached a middle aged woman. Waiting on the bench Gladys Wade Gladys site ethnic suspiciously as. He sat next to her when he asked her if she wanted to come over and drink at his home. She declined the offer. Something about Anthony rubbed her the wrong way gladys could tell her refusal irritated anthony but he silently turned and started to walk away at first then after noticing that the streets were empty aside from the two of them. Anthony whipped back around and lunged at her in a single swift movement. He put gladys in a chokehold. Then he dragged her back to his house as she screamed and struggled to fight him off gladys was unconscious by the time. Anthony got her back to his house as she came to gladys realized what had happened and staggered to her feet when she screamed for help. Anthony emerged from the darkness and rushed over to silence her but this time when he lunch to choke her gladys was prepared. She fought back at the two crashed backward through a glass door in the struggle as anthony rolled on top of her gladys Claude wildly at his face. He recoiled allowing gladys to jump up at escape. Gladys's I thought was to get somewhere public. And she ran as fast as she could to the pizza shop down the street but when she begged someone to call the police for her the store owner told her to leave gladys fled in terror when she saw anthony approaching the door the owner new anthony and believed him when he claimed that gladys had stolen money from him. Luckily while he was trying to mitigate the damage in the restaurant gladys ran down the street and found a couple of police officers sitting in their car. She hurriedly told them what had happened and they took her back to the station later. Authorities showed up at Anthony's house to arrest him afraid they would poke around his house if he fled. Anthony came outside willingly still in the same bloody clothes he'd been wearing when gladys fought him off. Anthony stuck to his story about gladys robbing him after a few hours. The police decided that there wasn't enough evidence to support Gladys's claims because she'd been charged with drug possession before they considered her an unreliable witness and Anthony walked free once again. The near Miss Intoxicated Anthony. He felt sure than ever that he could get away with whatever he wanted so only a few weeks later he struck again this time. He claimed the life of a woman named Kim Smith not much is known about the days leading up to her disappearance but after her murder anthony tighter up with a cloth and buried her in his backyard wrapped in plastic bags. Something about Kim's murder must have sated Anthony for the rest of the first few months of two thousand nine. He refrained from killing. He even reconnected with a few old friends inviting them over to smoke with him. Of course he can find them to the first floor as the corpses on the upper floors and in the basement continued to decompose as the weeks passed however at then he eventually left alone. Most of his friends stopped coming around even when he tempted them with drugs. They likely just couldn't tolerate being Anthony's home anymore. The smell was getting more revolting by the day. But in April of two thousand nine he did manage to convince one woman Imelda Hunter to join him. She'd smoked him before and one evening in the middle of the month. She perhaps decided that a fix was worth enduring a few hours in the dilapidated house. It was a mistake as soon as he got a Melda alone. Anthony used her purse to strangle her. He buried her body in a shallow grave..

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