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So you had a number of relationships throughout the show. I mean probably in some ways. You're you're central relationship. You brought up. His was your relationship with michael moore. It's almost a father daughter thing going on in a way as a mentor. Someone you look up to. You'll probably the only character that looks up to michael scott like she never though like beaten down by him or rolled her eyes at hint. You know what i mean. Oh my gosh. no on the contrary she. She adored him like he was. I think an inspiration to her and just like gee was just the top. I think darren 'cause i remember when aaron meets holly. She's just like so. It's almost like she's territorial. She's like this and the lady who's stealing michael's heart she. She's just so skeptical of this woman because she feels like no one is good enough for michael scott which is really funny and it definitely felt like a father daughter relationship. I thought it was very tender. Very sweet and very well written the way they. The writers crafted that whole relationship was was really sweet. Why do you think they bonded. i'll to use your word. I think they are both a little childlike. I mean you're worried about something else entirely was just a word. I just heard that. I said you didn't describe it as child like what you just said that word and now i think that they both are a little child. Like i think that they're they're both odd. And i think that Aaron didn't have an she never ever had stable parental figure in her life and certainly not a strong male figure in her life and i think that she found that and michael i mean just by definition he was her boss..

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