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Caught Offside with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. Oh yes caught offside from the upper upper west side of Manhattan Andrew Bundling and J. J. Devaney what's up brother. It's quite weak Andrew. Flight Week McGregor sironi Oh espn Saturday night. Not that I'm GonNA fight with you. Okay no because people have complained that people had the podcast. Course I think people have had it. I don't believe that to be the case but they do want us to whiteness. And it's not a contrived thing we re genuinely just disagree. Look I'm I'm not GONNA start pretending to agree on things just to appease people I don't. I don't think that people want that either so I don't know whatever the show has been it's going to continue to be now. I'm sorry you say what it has been what it will continue to be. People are looking for a segment. Andy's life problems. Yeah and these issues. I saw tweeted a poll about that people wanted wall. I'M NOT GONNA force that every week doesn't happen every week. It happens a lot though. Well well maybe I am telling me a lot about certain things. We'll be walking down the hallway and you go. Weirdest thing happened today. Actually I did have one today. I'll do it real quick because I wanted wanted to get to know. Say to the end all right all right market me. Write it down because I'll forget. Yeah this was actually quite annoying. The gold it doesn't happen all the time though. But it happened today on the train You know what I was GonNa say at the start of this. PODCAST was kind of dreading this podcast. In particular. And Look I've grown immune to doing these shows after Tottenham losses to Liverpool in the cough side. Cop It doesn't even move me anymore. The game ended did and I was pretty emotional about it until you obviously had to text me. GotTa do a show on Monday while this is fresh. Our heads can't wait to talk about it. Yeah me neither UNBELIEV- but no but the only reason is I already know I've been getting the tweets of people who are tired of US arguing about out stuff and I already know before we even start this podcast that we're going to disagree on something and I'm already I'm just preemptively annoyed about it and so I don't know what else like. Let's be calm and rational then. Oh yeah well. I think we always try to be that. It's just I guess you get annoyed at my passion and then I get annoyed at your contempt for my five us and your smugness on my opinion genuinely. I'm not that way. I'm just just believe that I am. I know you do Yeah so we'll we'll talk about the caught Offside Cup Sergio Guero has to be mentioned of course The US as we speak. I don't know if the press conference has wrapped but Brian McBride is now the GM of US men's soccer so they he spoke this morning him and Ernie the store. I think there's we'll we'll go through some of it because I still don't know if there's total clarity over everyone's roles here no now So we will talk about that. Maybe in the second half of the popular even what a general manager will actually do and he he does lay it out. I don't know if you've seen some of this. But he does lay out some of his responsibilities but I just sometimes him and Ernie Stewart I just worry about overlap versus collaboration ration- I duNNo. It's kind of feels a little bit. Like unchartered territory. which doesn't necessarily mean that this is bad in the past different in the panic after not qualifying for Russia twenty eighteen? It does feel like there were jobs created to address issues but they are now the same job job one create time machine and Reinstall Jurgen Klinsmann and as manager because we would have made it to the semi finals of the World Cup Let's see here all right. Let's just start with the big story from the weekend. Of course on this show Tottenham Verse Liverpool One nil it goes to Liverpool. They just simply they don't lose even when they don't play great It's just the way it is Tottenham. Were Kinda just very Tottenham E in this In certain ways in fact here I have. I don't think we're talking to me at all Tom. Well well in that. They lost to Liverpool in Austin that they struggled to create well they had a few legit great goalscoring opportunities but when when they decided to play after around seventy minutes. Yeah but for the most part like if you go back to pre Marino Pocchettino really like second half of last season. Listen Positano up. Through now Tottenham have kind of been this team that are not possession based and are counterattacking based and. I think that that is again what they were yesterday. I would disagree with that. They also were also even in the midst even in the midst of that Collapse at the end of last season in all in everything but the Champions League in the midst of that you had a trip to Anfield where by anybody's admission. If we're being totally fair you should have come away with the minimum of little probably with three points. Considering the chances that we're spurred there was every chance. There is every possibility that that should have happened. But but but anyway this is what they have been. Counterattacking signed that is not possessing the ball against against teams that are of their quality or better than even against Iraq's they allow. I mean it was all their goals. Were counterattacking goals. This with with patterns of play things happened. There was interchanges this is this is where I knew it was going to go so I have my observations. I want to hear from you. You're the spurs fan I will. Here's here's the issue that I have with with people and you happen to be sitting in that chair so it's going to feel like it's directed at you but it's just kind of a narrative at large people hate Josie Marino. And that's it and they do and so because he's cocky because you know because of the way he is because people don't always love the brand of football that he plays people have decided over the course of years that they don't liked him and so they are going to fit their narratives about him into a box. And this applies to Tottenham fans applies to non Tottenham fans and I feel like there is a sense of not being totally fair with our judging the way things are progressing right under I mean. Let's forget it's Josie Marino there. I mean look at the way that team was said. Open that first. Half Total and utter submission. It was at times there was six at the back with four in front of it. When they got the ball eventually law of averages they got the ball back they well-needed needed up anywhere? What was interesting the couple of times things came? Offer them where they pressured Henderson with his back to them created added a chance where there was a mistake by Gomez they created a chance but like for most of that half. It was total an author submission and they still conceded a goal. Right now the stats are around. You Tottenham have never ever ceded control of again like this to annual their team now. Oh here's here's a Liverpool Fan. Liverpool are an excellent side right now but taught them didn't even try and test limitations of that midfield test the fatigue of the aside until twenty minutes towards the end. But that's not what Marino wanted. Marina went into this game. Hyping Liverpool praising Liverpool complaining about his lack of options person's and and just sit seeding the game to Liverpool beforehand until the second half when I think there was a dawning realization that Liverpool weren't quite data's it was only one nil at halftime and Tottenham player ten fifteen yards higher up the field and started to get some success as Liverpool. Tired more more more than that though. You know we have this manager talking about options this dot look at the difference assessable made when he came onto the field. Like I contacted Ontai of it that you have this player. That was sort transformative in the Spanish league on so coveted by the previous manager and he's left idling titling on the bench when the impacting mid equipment that made throughout the entire game would have been amazing but look. This is what I said at half-time tell him I tweeted. This out. Marino was expected to set up this way. He didn't disappoint that said. What a bleak on imaginative game plan? You know. Maybe I'm the idiot coming on here. Complaining about what I and everyone else who's watched him for the last decade. saw coming down the tracks. This is what you're gonNA get with from him against everybody except except the absolute wreck on we should just get on with it. Maybe I should stop complaining. Then you need to tell me. What is the right way to play against this Liverpool team? Because they're beating everybody Marino sets up into defensive style. He didn't play one point. Is that's up in defensive style against them for one half he concedes just one goal and then like you just said with your own words he had half time he's and then changes things and they get themselves back into the game. So what is the reason that everyone is doing at the acting from position position of look. I'm I'm telling you what you have is not good enough. We don't have Harry can apart. From the fact they went to a Champions League final. Got Two champions apposite. Finally Without Harry can you don't have. There's no other way what he says you is. There's no other way this can be you. Adjust your expectations nations accordingly and at the end. We've got a tweet like this from from Brandon. Who seems like a lovely guy I must say the game against Liverpool was the first time I saw a proper Marino performance? uh-huh Tonga is the future of this back link. Thought he did well but he was playing as the second of two fullbacks in the site right Sanchez played arguably his best game in a spur short. I thought I'll I'll read was good as well Even though we came up empty there are a lot of positives to take away on honesty. Honesty I don't see them. It's going to be against the big sides and it just seems just seem so wrong from from what spurs where beforehand which was oppressing team a team that tried to get on the phone even if it lost. But I'm telling you they haven't been that in two years. They weren't that under Patino either either. And this is the same squad and you can brush aside Harry Kane not being there that matters Tangy and Dunblane not being there matters even Ben Davies playing ten ten Ganga because they have no choices Ben Davies not being there matters Mussa Soco not being there matters anyhow any hangs with Liverpool one nil where they have to legitimate scoring chances in the last twenty twenty minutes and people are still finding reasons to hate him. And that's what I'm saying is people are not judging him fairly. They're playing against the team and Liverpool that are crushing everyone but he hangs with them and nearly beats them at the end and we still want to do it. Andrew it was clear from early on that Liverpool weren't quite and yet nothing changed. Nothing changed until it was clear. You're from early on Liverpool weren't added. You could sorry taught them how to chances in the early stages one from a turnover from Henderson. The wasn't the fluidity in that midfield whatsoever. In fact in the second half Liverpool's still had all the ball and kept giving it away. It was an absolute travesty. Not something to be praised. The Tottenham didn't equalize. This is what I was sorry. Andrew twenty-seven percent from Jonathan Lou Ceylon young men are best attacking player did not have a single torch in the Liverpool half between thirty art minute and the sixtieth minute none of which would stop Marino attempting to spend the basic poverty of ambition. Assam Genius Master Plan. If we tried to play the way we did Marino. When you say in the last twenty minutes from the beginning I think we will collapse because the players are not used to playing in this style and they are not adopted we did the maximum we could do and unfortunately wii.

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