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If you're not already there you need to be there. Well you know. Let's see what's around. Let's see oh kevin durant there. It's like a two second pass. i'll get into and he'll be fine and it was so weird harden wasn't like that game six and he's just like okay and as you said there was a play like that in in the ot which drove me completely insane But lopez being able to protect the rim. Not like having to sacrifice everything the way they were and that led to what i thought was the most important that was related to the most important tactical adjustment which came at halftime when booting holzer shifted the defense science and they had for so much of the series brook lopez had been guarding bruce brown. And that helps kendrick going because brooklyn lebowski. He can't be everywhere not the most fleet of foot guy in the world. And so that basically invited the nazi us. Bruce brown as the screener so blake griffin was more of an awful spacer for the most part in those configurations but when they put jaanus on brown and put lopez on blake griffin. All of a sudden the the entire shape of the brooklyn offense changed. Yeah and i did the cast for the second half we had that in the intro and i noted that i thought that maybe that would be something that they could try but the reason to put lopez brought obviously was that when brown wasn't involved in the actor needs a non shooter. Blake is a better shooter than him but brown is probably actually a better screen. He's got like that. Little floater game. Which blake doesn't necessarily have and so they felt like hey at least you know if blake is gonna attack the basket. He's got to get all the way to the room and blake did hit one really difficult. Layup on lopez lopez stopped him and other time in the overtime blake is. He was three of six from downtown in this game but he also he's just not going to be like that volume of a guy like blake griffin is just not i mean he. He came to brooklyn to play a role. And and i mean i think honestly given how limited harden and was i thought they actually could've maybe just tried to use blake griffin as a playmaker a little bit more than they did But blake is just not gonna bomb. Three so yeah. I thought that that worked reasonably well For milwaukee obviously that would shift around when they had different guys in the game and stuff But i thought that was an interesting. I mean and also like steve nasa decision to start brown to be with bruce brown who was barely playing for a couple of games. All of a sudden plays fifty two minutes in this one. I think part of that might have been jeff. Green was kinda hobbling around out there. I think maybe his planner fasciitis must have acted up a little bit too. But i they also correctly realize that in game six with jeff green replacing bruce brown they just didn't have enough defense on the floor and that jeff green trying to guard jaanus didn't really work and that jeff has makes a lot of mistakes and he's not he's not a solid as a defender as he looks and they were getting killed by. Khris middleton like there joe harris. I'm chris middleton. Chris middleton with thirty eight points cooked. Like are we gotta get bruce brown in here. And we'll just deal with the defense limitation and bruce brown. That was awesome. I thought he. I thought he did. Some really nice work on middleton and he played great defense middleton held them to to eleven and the first first half and Four offense of rebounds minutes on the hustle plays the also. He was one of the key plays. We'll talk about at the end to four team. Offense of rebound i mean he also he also. There were a lot of confusion because they kept on showing the replay from a different angle. But there was this play where. Chris middleton got the ball and transition. It was like how did you kick the ball. No bruce brown hit it out of his hands. It just it was hard. It was hard to see. And that's the one that led to the hardened the heart and pass durant pack on its and committed a ludicrous fell on the on the dunk for an end. One and like so he was around. He was comp- and so that's not that's not an offensive. Rebound that is. It is a steel and i thought it browns energy was incredibly important and we wondered about the role players in the series. Who would step up. And i thought brown did a much better job than anticipated blake griffin not overall. Did a better job than i anticipated as well and then green had his moment in that unbelievable game five and then the other guys kind of came and went. It'd be nick. Claxton played one second in this game. And that was. He defended through holiday on the on the last inbound regulation he was the which was a decision by steve nash. To put him in and just be tall because he's as tall as they can really be unless the dust off entree. Yeah i thought. I thought maybe they would actually consider that but neglects and kind of fulfills the same thing I mean other a theme in this. We talked about the minutes but It ended up a changing a little bit when contemplate more with tucker getting in foul trouble down the end but there is a point and actually i think was the key so bench players total in this overtime game. Both benches combined played a total of forty nine minutes in fifty. Three minute game. What it's not only that. It's that the bench players combined to take five shots from the field all five shots back on. Its none of the nets none of the nets bench players or bryan forbes for the for the bucks even attempted a shot from the field in this one continent was Was three or five. He was giving me. That's obviously the bucks. Three point shooting just being good kept them in it. I thought in the in the first when they really were playing extremely poorly and so to finish up forty two percent from three and the nets just the ultimately to really good shooters harden and harris. Just were a combined. Five out of twenty one from downtown. I mean that. Just that was just i eventually. I thought too much to overcome. But when you think about the minutes here like was it. Was it the right decision katie. There's no one else for him right but like all these other guys the right decision to not play these guys more. I don't think it was. I think that you can pick your spots and do a little bit. Probably some of that. Oh it's a limited issued out there but it's so interesting because at many other times criticized boondoggles for you know not record for for kind of drawing the lines in the wrong place for giving his guys to address to make sure refresh and with nash. I mean yeah. Jeff greene might have been limited but the end of this game and part of what. What are the key key dynamics and it was how gassed all these guys looked late. And you didn't know the game was going to go to overtime. Necessarily and i'm not saying like oh play hardin or bruce brown necessarily like five minutes last but like three gives them a real give them one other additional time off. I think that would have made a difference in this. Became just the ultimate stars and players series the end. Your seemed like mike budenholzer just ended up having to having to just match what the nets were doing because it kind of just like game theory and from a coaching incentives strategy right. It's while they're playing their stars the whole time so if we take our stars out and they go on and run during that time it's my fault right like and so that's why the bucks responded with this and i did think though that jaanus and but did a good job even though he played fifty minutes they did a good job of just like finding loule pockets to get him even like one minute before. Tv time the broadcast did a great job of showing like the level of exhaustion that he was reaching at times and so they managed to manage that and then the other thing that the bucks added jaanus and middleton and holiday you know none of them really like had going necessarily but they could at least alternate between the three of those guys initiating often so they could get a little bit of a break whereas k. d. You know just any to any position that he didn't initiate in the second half and overtime was just a disaster. And so that was that was obviously a really difficult for him But yeah..

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