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I agree with the free agency, free agency thing, but there are like a few franchises who are notably known for not bringing in any free agents that have been good for a long time, like like the Packers and Steelers, notably don't bring in steel herb dumping and for agents ever. Joe Haden and got caught, I guess they bring him in. He's on the right ones, but also those quarterbacks that they drafted are pretty big deal. Right? There's the, there's the other side. There's the other recipe right there. That's the Tom Brady Ben Rothlisberger Aaron Rodgers. Fuck. Good. They got to win games. They got to be able to win games by themselves. That's what they have to you have to. And I think GM has a look at the quarterback in say, can this motherfucker win the game all by himself? Because that's what it's going to be. If we pay getting this dude, win the game by himself, and they did that with Russell Wilson. And I think that was a mistake on those teams also have to get lucky in the draft to like AB was a six round lady on was a second round like those those teams drafting shoot as well lev though, bro. He's living his best lines. Because he's terrible. Auto, he's weights, new thing. This. Thing. Every fan base outside of Pittsburgh. We'll listen to that every day. Be running back for us. What is. Walkout again, what are knee giving me away? Got a sonar, must be of course, and I gotta run just it from all of these body impressive. Say really. Really. You will. I guess that you get all this money. I'm may. On the race. Fall. K. on people. Say, changed a on a long-term game. Thanks. I got the site..

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