White House, CBO, Insurance Coverage discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - CBO: 22-Million More Uninsured Under Health Bill, W.H. Says Report 'Flawed', Kushner Hires Lawyer


He's not the only conservative with a lot of real concerns about whether or not the regulatory kind of cutback in here goes far enough so these numbers are important they are absolutely something centers were working towards but most importantly these senators coming out saying they will not vote for essentially a motion to move forward on the bill means that the negotiations behind closed doors what you've been ongoing for the last three or four days need to ramp up and speak there is no margin for error here they need to see progress they need to see action and they need to see actual provision that they feel like address their concerns soon or as you know this thing is not clear towards passage right now it's item clear procedurally torch factual final vote or amendment votes those are the things that are outstanding right now in the numbers tonight certainly didn't help that process not at all at that late break of course is and colin spring three which would be a defeat the way it is currently thank you fill ceremonies out front the white house and sarah the trump administration coming out slamming the report and slamming the cbo itself that's right this appears to be the white house's defense this evening to slam the nonpartisan congressional budget office on the radio portion of the statement they put out after that cbo score saying the cbo has consistently proven it cannot accurately predict how healthcare legislation will impact insurance premium insurance coverage the history of accuracy as demonstrated by its flawed report on coverage premiums and predicted deficit arising out of obamacare reminds us that its analysis must not be trusted it blindly and of course there were some differences and what the cbo projected what obamacare what affect obamacare actually had but people who worked with cbo people who are experts in this field say it's impossible to fully predict the effects of legislation perfectly.

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